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Graves Disease, Periodontitis, Ankle Swelling?

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Greetings -

I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Graves' Disease. Unfortunately, my doctors more or less started stonewalling me about anything else I might have, since I got the diagnosis. I had a DH-like rash that cleared up on gluten free diet, but they wouldn't investigate any further after I tested negative for celiac.

Now I'm on county insurance and pretty much get TOTALLY stonewalled. Almost impossible to get tested for anything unless I've come in with an urgent issue. I am really hoping I can get back onto private insurance in the future, but don't foresee being able to unless it's provided by an employer or a domestic partner.

I am wondering if any of these conditions are connected to gluten intolerance:

mild ankle swelling (doctor literally told me, "I'm concerned with your thyroid, not that"). Have had this since about '10, when I had my most recent flare up of my graves disease.

Severe periodontitis and broken teeth. I keep having teeth crack at the base, and have very deep pockets with bone loss in my jaw. It is very likely I will end up losing all of my teeth.

Joint pain

Graves disease itself

Thank you. I do notice improvement of my "minor nagging complaint" issues and my severe brain fog since I went gluten free again.

Nobody in my family has a formal celiac diagnosis, but there are several autoimmune conditions (my aunt has lupus) and my mom's family appears to be intolerant of casein - not merely lactose. My mom had IBS in her 20s but it isn't so bad anymore. She used to suffer excema and now she has blisters in her mouth. She doesn't take gluten free very seriously despite the fact that she's seen a connection between gluten consumption and her GERD, and she's always been plagued with mild nagging GI issues. Severe learning issues are so prevalent in my mom's family (and I had them too, growing up) that I decided not to ever have my own biological children, though recently, I notice I "function" as long as I stay gluten free.

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I am too new at this to know if there is a connection to the Celiac disease or to gluten intolerance, but I have trouble with swollen ankles. Sometimes so swollen that it really alarms me. I have found that if I do hydrate better (drink more water) my ankles do not swell as much.

I do have dental issues. A lot of decay and trouble with plaque. I think that is an issue for people with celiac or gluten intolerance, as the health problems cause the body to not asborb vitamins and nutrients properly, and that is connected to tooth decay/dental issues.

Anyway, you are not alone. I think that many of us have trouble getting our doctors to really listen to us, or to check out new or different symptoms. It took me many years and a colonoscopy to get a diagnosis.

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Autoimmune thyroid problems such as Graves and Hashimotos do seem to be more common among people with other autoimmune disorders such as celiac. But as far as I know, the scientists have not pinned down any cause-and-effect relationship. With that said, I believe very strongly that gluten is a contributing part of the cause of my Graves. But I also acknowlege that I inherited some genetic predisposition to autoimmune conditions. And I could do a better job managing stress. And I could probably stand to exercise more often. But there is no doubt in my mind that gluten is partly to blame...Good luck.

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