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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. I will not even eat at Chick-fil-A due to their donation of money to causes that discriminate against gay people. I don't care if they are the only gluten free option in ten miles. I could not eat their food and respect myself for supporting a company that is so against the basic civil rights of any number of my friends and family members.
  2. Just So Tired Of It All

    Have you considered joining a raw food club or meetup? The food is typically grain free, though you will still have to take your chances with food prepared in someone else's kitchen.
  3. What's For Breakfast Today?

    Yay! Someone is trying it! I never get tired of it because there are so many different ways to serve it up. Your breakfast sounds fab; when my stomach is more settled again, I'll try that.
  4. I stopped being hypo when I was on Atkins. Maybe you are still eating too much carby food. Fat and protein will keep your blood sugar stable.
  5. Thanks, I will look into that, I am going to try to get a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Yesterday I started having a new symptom - twinges in my rectum (I know, tmi), in addition to twinges I'd already been having all over my abdomin, ow. It's like my whole GI tract is rebelling. Every time I eat anything, it sets off more gurgling and weirdness and there's only so much I can eat because I feel like it just "sits" there. Right now it's just gurgling constantly.
  6. First of all... I *will* be going to my doctor this week. This was some of the issue that caused me to go back on gluten free in the last month. It seems to not bother me as long as I stay away from "mystery food", but then if I eat anything "questionable" (which for the moment seems to be anything that I didn't prepare myself) I feel this way for a few days. For example, I was fine yesterday until I had some potato chips (I had read the label!). This is what I am experiencing... * Heartburn and feeling like something is stuck in my throat and chest, and feeling of trapped burps. It's very uncomfortable especially when I'm laying down because it feels like something is sitting on my chest if I lay flat. When I feel this, it is fairly constant. It's worse at night than it is during the day. I feel fine in the morning. * Occasional twingy/twitchy/fluttery feeling in my lower abdomen. It moves around. It feels like an alien baby in my stomach trying to get out! * Occasional stomach pains that feel like a quick jab. Then they are over as quickly as they appeared. * Constipated; poo is somewhat lighter colored than I'm used to. Reminds me of what I experienced during time I was initially tested for celiac in 07 * Have started eating mostly vegetarian and some fish because I can't even stand the smell of meat cooking. It smells so *strong* and it all smells spoiled and practically knocks me over when I walk in the room and smell it - felt like I was gagging when I was trying to eat chicken the other day. And today, for the first time in all of this, I found myself feeling feverish... I'm kinda freaking out here. :/ This is new stuff...
  7. Yes, I have this too. It feels like there's an alien baby inside of me, moving about.
  8. Apparently got glutened the other day - I am still getting used to what I can and can't eat and both times that I've eaten out (one time at a Mexican place; one time, the other day, at a yogurt place - I had some labeled gluten free frozen yogurt, but with fruit toppings, and it's possible there may have been CC). At this point, I am staying away from anything that isn't from my own kitchen. What happens is that with a small amount (such as - salad dressing), I will get brain fog and headaches for the rest of the day. For the last week though, off and on, I've experienced these sensations that I can only describe as being like an alien trying to get out of my stomach... it feels like something is "moving" in my gut. I also have heartburn and gurgling in my throat and that awful "trapped burp" feeling. That goes away only if I've been strict gluten free for a few days. I had not been sure if I actually have an issue with gluten. When I was suspected of celiac in 07, there were other problems masking my symptoms (I ended up negative for celiac [1] and positive for Graves Disease, which was causing my worst GI symptoms). But - I seem to have had symptoms before trying gluten free (worsening indigestion), that subsided, so it may actually be a gluten issue. I was never even close to this sensitive before I went gluten free The "badness" would build up over a period of time, I generally had a lot of vague symptoms, but I wouldn't feel bad for three days after putting something into my mouth. And I have doctor-phobia now because of the number of times I've been laughed off or not taken seriously, by the way. Plus I have bad insurance (am on county). As an aside - many of my thyroid symptoms have resolved on gluten free. [1] Story behind that - I was on Atkins for a year and a half, then came down sick with some kind of mystery illness after I came off of Atkins. I didn't know that gluten sensitivity was a "thing" yet. After a year of worsening mystery illness, I came down with Graves Disease (borderline thyroid storm) with a DH-looking rash that resolved quickly on gluten free, but the doctor ordered my testing *after I'd already been gluten free for several weeks* then didn't follow it up any further. Ever since I was dxed with Graves, EVERYTHING has been written off to Graves.
  9. I am on a limited income, too. Are you able to at all prepare your own food? What helps is that I've fundamentally changed the very way I approach food and this may mean that there are a lot of "conventional" foods that I do not eat (sandwiches are out of the question most of the time, for example) and that I have experimented a lot and "made up" a number of new foods that are not conventional but are tasty and meet my needs. I simply cook from scratch most of the time. You can usually buy plain meat and vegetables and fruits and certain staples such as beans, lentils, rice. I don't bother with gluten free pasta, I just take a zucchini and a spiral slicer and serve the zucchini AS pasta. Very cheap and filling, one large zucchini will make a plate of pasta. You can serve your sauce and meat and cheese or what have you with that. I learned to make Chinese congee (which is very cheap and easy to make) and eat that in the morning instead of the usual cereals. Here's a recipe: http://chinesefood.about.com/od/breakfast/r/congee.htm I was on Atkins for a year and a half, many years ago; I didn't bother replacing my carby favorites, but instead, learned to like new things. There are a lot of foods I simply gave up on. This helped a lot. I understand if most people don't want to do that. You can also make your own tortilla chips if you can get gluten free corn tortillas... just cut up the tortillas and fry them in oil. They're way tastier than the ones in the bag! It can be harder though when not everyone in your household is on board.
  10. I don't to my knowledge have any issue with dairy and yet I eat coconut milk ice cream because it is SOOOOO good!!!!! ZOMG I especially love Larry & Luna's Coconut Bliss.
  11. Does anyone else experience this? Feeling like I am full of gas through my entire GI tract, but it's not passing. Gurgling, including gurgling in my throat. I keep feeling like I have trapped burps in my chest, but I can't belch. Heartburn. This is a symptom that was nearly constant before I went gluten free this month, and I don't know if it's directly connected to gluten. But I did eat something suspicious today - brain fog set in about an hour later, had a vague headachey feeling. I need to eat, but don't feel like I want to put anything in my stomach
  12. I hear you. i am very much a foodie and much of my social life revolved around eating out, as I don't have the resources to entertain and I'm too far for anyone to drive. Most of my friends live 40 miles away, so we have to meet midway which means - meeting at restaurants. The good news is that it's easier if you DO like to cook, than if you don't. It's even easier if you like to experiment in the kitchen. I transitioned away from bread and pasta being any kind of meal centerpiece a long time ago, and pretty much can make and enjoy anything I want to eat in my own kitchen. It's eating out that is the big suck because it makes it so hard to travel or socialize.
  13. Pretty Upset Right Now...

    My nutrition teacher was quite knowledgeable about celiac and she said that people could test negative for several years before testing positive. And this is even while eating gluten. She also said that many people who were "gluten intolerant" but negative for celiac, eventually were positive for celiac via one of the tests.
  14. Gluten Challenge Not That Bad

    I always felt awful when I cheated on Atkins, but chalked it up to the carbs. I just thought I was becoming diabetic like the rest of my dad's side of the family. I never ate bread on Atkins, low carb or otherwise - the low carb stuff tasted so awful that I wasn't tempted. I was close to a paleo style low carber (average meal was a salad with meat on it) and I didn't understand why I would feel sick on some foods but not others. I had noticed for MANY years (since I was a teenager) that pancakes or waffles for breakfast are an outright day wrecker - I would have a splitting headache by the middle of the day and it would be with me ALL day. I would also wake up feeling hung over if I ate pasta for dinner. But I never made the connection to gluten, I always connected it to carbs. When I came off of Atkins, I never really gained much weight back. I was sure too that carbs were okay for me by now. I was fully off of Atkins about six months after I'd moved back in with my mom (which is a diet killer for me, I tend to just eat by instinct on my own - which means I tended to use soy sauce, yes, but I almost never ate bread or pasta or cereal). It was about that point when I started being actually sick. I started having GI issues to the point of being late to work frequently and having to take frequent breaks at work (morning worst of all for some reason) and reflux. I was constantly sick with everything that came through town, too, and constantly down with some form of food poisoning or another (or so I thought). My doctors never put two and two together at this time. A year later, it had gotten to the point where I was having really bad bowel involvement and practically couldn't keep anything in my stomach. I had severe Graves Disease to the point of being borderline thyroid storm, and a severe all over blistering rash. The rash went away on gluten free, but the bowel problems didn't clear up until I was on anti thyroid meds for a little while, so I didn't really connect two and two. The doctor in his wisdom put me on gluten free before testing me for celiac; my blood test came back negative. Nonetheless, I stayed on gluten free for some months but since I thought the problem was thyroid and not celiac, I fell off of being gluten free and still never really connected my symptoms to gluten. It's only 1) having symptoms again but my thyroid levels being normal according to blood tests and 2) being told by various people that gluten free may help my thyroid, that's made me question again. I had ups and downs. I'm sure that I was doing damage to my body during those times I thought I was okay. I have no idea if I have celiac per se, but I'm not going to go back in gluten to find out unless I have to.
  15. Gluten Challenge Not That Bad

    It took me a long time on gluten to start noticing reactions. I first started having frank celiac type of symptoms after coming off of Atkins. Thats when I had DH. BEFORE I'd been on Atkins, I just felt vaguely "bleh" all the time. Then - after being back on gluten for a few years, after my negative test - it took me a few years to start feeling sick again.