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3 Month Follow Up Labs

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So I had my 3 month follow up. Here are my labs:


Gliadin IgA - 150

Gliadin IgG - 24

Transglutaminase IgA - 84


Gliadin IgA - 26

Gliadin IgG- 6

Transglutaminase IgA- 47

You can see the numbers have dropped, she thought it was great progress BUT didn't seem to think they should still be elevated - I actually thought the results were awesome for only 3 months, what do you all think of the results?

She suggested that my levels are still elevated because my kids are still eating gluten- and if we make the house gluten free, my levels should be normal at the next checkup. Hubby went gluten free when I did, my oldest is about to make the change because she is celiac based on her labs- the scope she had done a few weeks back was normal- I have an appt with another pediatric GI in 2 weeks, at which time he will do a more complete panel to check her EMA.

My 4yo tested normal.

Thoughts on my progress?? Thanks!

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Congrats! Your numbers are dropping which is the direction you want to go!

I can tell you what the doctor told me when I was diagnosed...she said to give the diet at least 3 months for ANY improvement in symptoms and 6-12 months to see real improvement. I had a blood test at 6 months gluten-free and my numbers had dropped quite a bit but weren't in the negative/normal range yet (but close, really close.) My doctor (different from the one who diagnosed me) told me to just keep doing what I was doing since my numbers had dropped and to test again at 1 year gluten-free. At that point he said he'd really hope I was in the negative/normal range and if I wasn't we'd need to look closely at everything I am ingesting and see if I'm getting hidden or trace gluten somewhere.

So from what my doctors have told me, 3 months really isn't a long time in terms of healing. Give it more time and don't stress about it.

Just be very cautious in a shared kitchen. I have a shared kitchen but don't allow any baking ingredients (i.e. wheat flour, pancake mix) in it. I do allow prepackaged items with gluten like bread, pretzels, etc. Those are in their own dedicated cabinet and I don't touch them. I am manic about wiping down counters and cabinet handles, etc. with a soapy rag which gets tossed in the wash after every use (I have a whole stack of them!) Dishes don't go in the dishwasher with any sort of food residue on them, I've got my own shelf (the top one) in the fridge, we use different containers for leftovers although I'm starting to be a real convert to using ziploc bags if at all possible, there are no more wooden spoons or cutting boards to be found in my kitchen, I replaced scratched pans - in fact I have pans for gluteney items (a couple of the old ones) and bought myself new pans which I was planning on doing anyway my diagnosis just speeded up that decision, I have a separate toaster for gluten-free bread, etc.

Also, have you checked all medicines you may take to make sure they are gluten-free? What about your lipstick/balm? Gluten is everywhere, sneaky little protein that it is!

Stay with what you are doing as from the results you posted it looks to me like you're doing the right thing!

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Your numbers were pretty high to begin with, I don't think it is realistic to expect them to be at zero in 3 months.

Of course, cross contamination may be an issue, as she suggested. And honestly, I am all for making the house gluten free. The 4 year old is likely to develop celiac at some point, and being gluten "lite" now may forestall it.

Both kids and myself are celiac, hubs is by default because my dd kept reacting when we kept gluten in the house for him.

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Thanks, that is what I thought, coming from those high numbers, at 3 months I feel I must be doing something right! As for the shared kitchen, we replaced our cutting boards, utensils, and have a "gluten pasta pan" that is used only for their pasta, including a separate strainer and utensil, and a dish scrubber for gluten only. My oldest was taking bread to school on sandwiches but now that school is out and we found out she is going gluten free, my youngest doesn't really eat bread so that will ne a non issue. He does love waffles and the toaster is for that purpose only, once the transition is done for my oldest I will get a toaster for gluten free bread or waffles (hubby and I don't eat that)

I moved over to gluten free pretzels because the kids love them anyway. My youngest eats a lot of dry cereal, cheerios, etc as snacks, but other than that, I cleaned out ALL baking stuff, flours, etc there is no gluten in the cabinets. I have gluten cereal and pasta on one bottom shelf in the pantry.

I am ok with keeping a gluten free house, I was just wondering if this is all normal progress, and my numbers will come down more in the next 3 months anyway, regardless of my shared kitchen.

I am careful with medications, supplements, lotions, soaps, etc and made sure all of those products are gluten free, just got new soap and shampoo for the kids baths to include gluten free, their lotions, our sunblock, and such.

The only other thing is eating at Chipotle once a week, where they know me and my dietary needs, wash hands, change gloves, and prepare my bowl one person, they also get a new cheese bin from the fridge which has not been used. While I know there is always a risk, they are very accomodating, I feel safe eating there and have never had any problems. The only other restaurant I have eaten at in the last 4 months is Outback once, and they were amazing. I really stick to eating my own food, for the time being until I make sure I have the hang of it all :)

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