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Imitrex And Raynaud's

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So my whole blurry vision on the left finally blew into a migraine after 48 hours. So I guess I have my answer on that, although I still intend to see the neurologist. Yesterday morning after the whole 2x4 to the head feeling settled into regular old blinding pain and fear of being more than 2 feet from a barf bucket I was also able to find a pharmacy that would fill my imitrex prescription for a reasonable cost.

I ended up taking 3 doses before bed and am doing fine today with just my blurry vision. So anyway, I finally got around this morning to taking the "omg this drug is dangerous if" papers out of the bag and reading through a little. I was shocked to read for the first time ever that I shouldn't be taking something. Apparently people with Raynaud's shouldn't be taking imitrex.

I know no one here can really technically dispense actual medical advice, but I'm good with general friendly advice and the experience of others. My thoughts are that as long as I avoid things like the hot tub, holding otter pops and cold showers I doubt I'll end up with related issues. (I did still leave a message for the doctor who prescribed it, which isn't the doctor I normally see.) Has anyone had any issues with this or am I likely fine? Any other medications anyone has used with success for migraines?

At this point with only one migraine there's nothing I can try to pinpoint as a trigger. In the past I have gotten them when taking some form of hormone birth control which I've long since given up, or just before my period. (Which isn't the case now.) I will certainly be trying to pinpoint the cause because I'd rather prevent this than take something for it.

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