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Hi Guys,

As I have recently been diagnosed with colitis and I have been gluten-free for over 3 years, I am readjusting my diet for the colitis and I seem to see a connection with nightshades.

I am wondering what your reactions are as my seem like a mild "glutening" after tomatoes, potatoes or eggplant.

I eat it the night before and wake up sick like I have been glutened but I am eating my own meals so I know I am not CCing myself or anything like that.

My symptoms include; dizzy, weak, sick to my stomach, nausea, stomach pain, bloating, D or sometimes C. And a general sick feeling.

Normally when I am glutened this is magnified by 100 but with the nightshades its more mild...anyone else have the same or similar experience.


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Hi Salax,

My symptoms include abdominal pain, tiredness, joint pain, some bleeding. Not a great experience in the digestion department either. They be no fun at all really. And symptoms get worse the longer I eat them. So I don't.

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