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Am I Ok For The Endoscopy?

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Hi everyone,

I am having and endoscopy done on August 27. I am wondering if I should be OK because in April and early May I was gluten free (I decided to give it a shot based on family history). I felt better, but in early May I started sneaking gluten back in. Since about June 20 I have been eating gluten again full fledge (bagels, wheat bread, pizza, subs, etc.). I have been feeling like utter hell (fatigue, considerable chest and stomach pains, bloating, severe anxiety), so I went to a doctor (suspecting it could be the gluten). These symptoms have been pretty consistent over the past four+ years (some symptoms for a longer period) but have been allayed at times when going gluten free.

I have an endoscopy schedule for August 27 (I have been eating gluten pretty consistently since late June). Should I be OK for the test?

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the help!

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