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Gluten Intolerance Test Results

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My son is a celiac (diagnosed by endoscopy and bloods). My daughters are intolerance, with elevated IgG antibodies.

My antibody levels were low, and i don't have the celiac gene, but I'm gluten-free and feel much better anyway.

My husbands results just came in, and I was curious as to what people on this forum think of them....

Celiac tests:

tTG-IgA 7 (normal less than 20)

Gluten sensitivity tests:

IgG- Gliadin 38 (normal less than 20)

IgA - Gliadin 18 (normal less than 18)

HLA gene for celiac was detected.

Now I'm a bit perplexed because our specialist just says gluten sensitivity might be a possibility. Is that because its so hard to say definitively when results are not massively high? My husband is mostly health, no real problems at all. But he's going to give gluten-free a try for a month to see if he feels any difference.

Look forward to hearing what you lovely people think.

Kind regards


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