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Symptoms And The Like

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As the topic title says I am wondering if I potentially have Celiac Disease. Unlike most of the other posts that I read on here I have not had symptoms for a large portion of my life. I am currently a 25 year old male and maybe a month or so ago I suddenly got sudden constipation. My stools ended up being very narrow. After a week or so of not much improvement I went to the doctor and he said that it was most likely from a narrowing of my colon maybe from and infection or something of that nature and gave me some medicine to take. It helped a little bit rather immediately but everything isn't back to the way it was before. About 18 hours ago I noticed two strange rashes on the inner side of both of my thighs. After reading what I could I found that strange bowel behavior and a rash could be symptoms of Celiac Disease. One thing of note is that these rashes do not itch even a tiny bit. I only noticed them because I saw them so I have no real idea how long they have been there for. I am overweight so they could potentially be from rubbing skin but they have been here all day so I am not really sure. I also have type II diabetes but it is under control and I maintain a completely normal blood sugar level at all times. As far as I know there is no history of Celiac in my family but obviously that won't tell me a huge amount.

I have included pictures of each rash



I was originally planning on going to the doctor after waking up but having looked around on this forum people have mentioned that certain tests won't really show much if I'm not heavily glutened. I am not on any kind of gluten free diet but thinking back over the last couple days I don't think I have had a particularly large amount of gluten in my diet. Would it be a good idea to eat a bunch of gluten and wait a few days or to go to the doctor in the morning?

Also just a general question as to what you guys who are far more informed than me think about my symptoms.

Thanks a lot.

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An update for anyone who is interested. Today I went to the doctor and explained my symptoms to him as well as mentioning my thoughts on Celiac Disease. He looked at my rash and asked if I rode a bike or ran and I told him that I had run about 7 miles in very hot very humid weather I think two nights ago and he thinks that is the cause of the rash. He mentioned that Celiac Disease is very difficult to diagnose properly, and because of the very sudden nature of my symptoms he said that it would be better to wait a little bit and observe the rash before putting me through any kind of invasive tests. He also gave me some kind two week bowel prescription to see if that helps with the bowel problems which he seems to think is most likely from stress or a lifestyle change which I can see as being a possibility. I have another appointment with him in one week so hopefully then I'll truly know what is going on.

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