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My doctors office just called with some of my test results. I'd be interested to see the actual numbers when they're posted to the online system, but for now this is what she said:

Tested negative for celiac, which doesn't surprise me because I've been off gluten for four and a half months.

Cholesterol was normal, but both triglycerides and white blood cell count were high.

Some others on here have had high white blood cell counts, possibly due to intestinal damage. That makes sense.

I don't understand how my triglycerides could have kept increasing, while my cholesterol remains at the same healthy levels each time. I've been reading up on what causes high trigs, and find all kinds of information about eating too much fat, too many refined carbs, and too much alcohol. That just isn't me at all. Of course, the last time I had blood work done a couple of years ago the doctor sent me some tips on reducing trig levels, which basically said "Eat plenty of whole grains" which I diligently did. Grrrrr...

EDIT: I've also recently lost weight and have been taking omega-3's. If anything, those trig levels should have gone down.

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?familial hypertriglyceriemia?

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