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I Want To Try An Elimination Diet

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I have been struggling with what I've been told is IBS since the fall of 2009. Awful GI symptoms, diarrhea, etc. I feel nauseous extremely frequently. I take Lomotil and Compazine to cope. I am sick and tired of feeling terrible all the time. I've had the blood tests to test for celiac, and they came back negative. Someone I work with who has celiac disease told me not to trust the tests. She said that really the one good way to know is to try an elimination diet. Well, I think I'm ready to try. I put it off for a while because I was nursing our youngest and I didn't want to mess with my diet. I am sick of feeling sick all the time. Not only do I have the GI and stomach issues all the time, I also get sick with sinusitus and sore throats all the time too. My midwife noticed at my exam in July that my thyroid seems to be larger too. Not sure if that relates to any of this or not.

Where can I find a resource that would show me what I need to eat for an elimination diet? I'd like to get started as soon as I can! I am thinking of cutting waaaay back on the dairy too. I LOVE dairy and eat quite a bit of it. Overall, I would say my eating habits as of late have been fairly poor.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I think you may find this post helpful for giving the gluten-free diet a good shot. If it has been awhile since you had the blood testing done you may want to have that redone before you begin. Just because a past test was negative doesn't mean one done now will be. It can be important when we have children to get diagnosed since if you are celiac they need to be screened for it also.

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