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Pizza Bella - Gluten Free Pizza

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I know a lot of pizza places are starting to offer gluten-free crusts, but I'm careful and I usually e-mail or talk with them before ordering, and usually left uneasy enough I won't order a pizza from them (my favorite response to all my questions - "Our gluten-free pizza is gluten-free").

I was happy to see that my former local pizza place - Pizza Bella in Palatine IL, added a gluten-free crust to their menu. I was even happier when I got an e-mail response that answered my questions and showed they do have a plan for managing gluten-free pizza orders to minimize the risks of cross contamination.

Finally ordered a pizza from them last week.... and no reaction to it at all. I'm guessing it was an Against the Grain frozen crust (which is my favorite anyway), but just as yummy as I remember their pizza being. It is more of a delivery/pick up pizza place, but if you're in the area and looking for an option, it's worth the drive. :D I will order again, and I will remember if I do have a reaction, that there are still risks in ordering from any pizza place.

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