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  1. One reason they may not understand... wheat is not as big of a part of the Indian diet. Yes, they use it for some things, but it's also not a cooking culture that uses wheat flour as a thickener in sauces, etc. Usually the only time I *can* participate in work functions is when we are doing Indian...
  2. Birds have feathers for reasons. To protect their skin from things, for one. I really don't think there is anything in the USA that is 100% safe from any and all forms of grain dust/pollen, etc. But once a animal is killed and the outside is cleaned and all is removed from the inside, it's not...
  3. I actually just got a SUPER detailed list in response to an question to Goya on their dried beans and lentil products, and they actually list out "gluten-free", "contains wheat" and "cross-contamination" categories. Sadly, their lentils are in the cross-contamination category, but a lot of their...