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Need Help With Test Results

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Last year I went through a series of tests to determine if I had issues with my bowels. I had xrays on my kidneys, pancreas and liver and everything looked fine. I had an MRI for my liver as I had a spot show up on the xray. They determined that it was a fat deposit and nothing to be concerned about. I had a colonoscopy and things looked good. I have a family history of Crohns and Ulcer-Coelitis so they were checking me out as I have some sensitivity to foods sometimes, not all the time but sometimes. Initially, the lab results showed that my Gliadin peptide AB, IGA is 10 and Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IGA is 12 and my celiac reflex panel immunoglbin A is 416. I questioned the last test because it was high and the GI NP said that no further testing was needed. I have allergies to dogs, cats, rabbits, dust, spring pollen, and fall weed mix. In November 2011, I started allergy shots for these and everything seemed fine up until June whe I had hives on my hands that are worse some days then others. So I mentioned this to my doctor at my check up and she decided to run some tests. My ESR turned out to be 31 and the value range is 0-20. The other tests seemed good but this one. So obviously I have inflammation but doesn't tell me what. So I started to think about the the Celiac Reflex Panel I had last year. So I am not sure what is going on but my dr is thinking of repeating the ESR in November to see if things go done. Are there issues I should be concerned about. I also live with two house rabbits that I have had for 10 years and yes I am allergic but I am on histamines and am taking shots so I guess I thought I was ok. Any advice is helpful.

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