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Hey guys! I was diagnosed around 18 months ago, with celiac, and have been on a gluten free diet since then.

About 6 weeks ago I started putting a mixture of vitamin c tablets and shampoo in my hair to lighten the colour. I did this quite a lot... Anyway, as I was doing this, I was eating the tablets. Four weeks ago I got pretty sick with stomach pains and dizzyness and the doctor couldn't find a reason. Yesterday, I figured the vitamin c tablets have gluten in them.

Anyway, last night I got really itchy where the wing of my pad sits. I was asleep and the itch woke me up, so I scratched it, being half-asleep, and then it started stinging, so I went back to sleep. I cant exactly see it as its in a difficult spot, all I know is that its red..

Its painful when I walk, and hurts for a little bit when I stand or sit.

Does this sound like the 'celiac rash' or is it just a rash from my pad? I've been using the same brand for a while and haven't had a problem before.

Also, what cream can I use? I put sorbelene cream on it this morning and then realised it has wheat-germ in it.


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