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Need Advice And Just Looking For Some Answers/ Guidance

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Hi everyone,

This is my first time at this site and it seems that everyone is friendly and giving great tips and advice. I am 25 yo female and I have had stomach/ bowel issues for as long as I can remember. Honestly, my mother has also so I kind of just thought it as normal. However, in May my symptoms started again, bloody diarrhea, constipation, cramping, pain in my left mid to lower quadrant, green stool, and even stool that had a wirey spider like web around it. This lasted for two months. I had pain every morning that' eventually spread across my entire abdomen, either constant diarrhea or constipation and odd stools. I lost my appetite and often become nauseous whenever I did eat. It took me a month to get into the doctor and of course it started to clear up by then. He ordered a colonoscopy which I had a week ago and took biopsies because he thought it was colitis and it came back that it is not.

I cannot get in to see him for another month and he ordered Bentyl. I am still have diarrhea and in the past three weeks have started to get awful tailbone pain. I have always had muscle and joint aches, occasionally after eating/ drinking my face gets really hot and turns really red, and have awful and embarrassing amounts of gas. I guess my question is done stay with my general physician or go see some sort of specialists? It affects so much of my life that I just want to start to move on and get it under control. Does this sound like possible celiacs or am I stretching? I m just looking for answers and some advice from people who have been in my shoes.

Anything would be helpful,,,,,thanks

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