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Multiple Negative Tests Daily Hive

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Hi everyone. For 3 months now I get hives everyday along with swelling and aching joints. I have seen multiple specialists and had many blood test done. I can no longer handle what's wrong with me. many doctors have said that they suspect lupus or Celiac disease. I believe that this is an allergic reaction to something specifically something I'm eating. nothing in my life changed 3 months ago. so I am considering what I do daily , everyday I consume wheat and egg products. I am hoping eliminating the Pooh will eliminate my symptoms. Along with hives, swelling and aching joints, my muscles ache and I am very fatigued. I cannot remember or anything or focus. The swelling occurs in my mouth and throat as well. I also have experiened chest pains and bowel changes. There are times when I have swelling and pain in my knees and can't walk . I have swelling in the soles of my feet and palms of my hands and it feels like walking on or holding marbles. As of this week I am now experiencing floating stools and difficulty breathing (I have already had as much for years but the symptoms are so much worse). I don't know what this is but I am taking things into my own hands and have decide d to go gluten free and egg free for a while to see if this helps. My symptoms don't seem to match up with everyone else is exactly, but I am hoping that someone reads this and can help. PLEASE HELP!

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Hello, and welcome.

Since you say NoDiagnosis, I am making the assumption that these doctors who are postulating celiac disease have, in fact, tested you thoroughly for that?? Yes?? This would include a full celiac panel, and an endoscopy with biopsies. If you have not had these tests run you should keep eating wheat until they have been done. Once you go gluten free the only way these tests can be done is if you resume eating it, for a considerable period, which is often very painful if that is what is causing your problems.

There are over 300 symptoms of celiac disease and (fortunately!) nobody has these all. They come in many different combinations and your symptoms are certainly on the list.

Why don't you tell us what you have been tested for and, if you have had celiac testing, give us the tests, results, and ranges the lab uses -- there are lots of people here who have a very good understanding of the tests. These results can be helpful. :)

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