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  1. Try something in the line of Namaste Foods: They are Gluten free, wheat free, soy free, corn free, potato free, peanut...
  2. Hi! Its' been a long time since I've logged into this site. When I saw this topic I felt I had to reply. I've been...
  3. Wenmin

    Corn/potato Issues?

    Thanks guys! Wenmin
  4. Hello, I have been gluten free since 2008. Have had minor setbacks through the years but nothing major. In December...
  5. Just last week I broke out in hives. All over arms, legs and face. I ended up in the hospital ER. I have been fighting...
  6. Need some help here! One of my good friends' daughter has some type of gluten intolerance (self diagnosis). She has...
  7. Wenmin

    Domino's "Gluten Free" Crust

    I agree totally! Wenmin
  8. Cocoa Pebbles treats with peanut butter on top.... Cocoa Pebbles cereal with almond milk
  9. Wenmin

    Udi's Bread Tip

    I buy many loaves and put them in the freezer, as I am about 2 hours away from the nearest whole foods. But, I take...
  10. Wenmin

    Egg Spread

    This recipe is similar to what we call egg salad sandwiches. Very similar to tuna salad sandwiches, except leave out...
  11. Boil corn noodles until done. Drain and rinse with water and place in 9 x 13 pan. In large glass bowl, melt 1-1 1/...
  12. Nothing fancy for Valentine's Day. Sticky chicken and potatoes. Smothered cabbage and caulifower. Happy Valentine...
  13. Wenmin

    Yummy Dinner

    Onion rigns can be easily made by soaking them in an egg and milk batter. When ready to fry, pass them in corn flour...
  14. Wenmin

    Sloppy Joe Recipes?

    Manwich is gluten free
  15. Instead of going out to buy containers, use empty 2 liter soft drink bottles. They can be cut to the size you need ...