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Hmm...what about me. I'm married, three kids, and went gluten-free two days after my 40th birthday (2009) while were on vacation. It was getting so sick from the whole wheat crackers and cheese we ate for lunch that pushed me over the edge. I went dairy free about three weeks later.

It wasn't until 2002 that I really began to notice significant issues with my health, but I'd had intermittent diarrhea since I was about 20 (always chalked it up to stress), and when I was 19 I suddenly (literally overnight) developed allergies and chronic rhinitis. Then chest pains (at 21) which continued for the next 19 years. "Stress" again. Lots of little things looking back over the years, but nothing ever connected together until just recently.

I'm feeling better than I have in years, haven't had a single 'heart attack' pain since going gluten-free, but I'm having ups and downs. The downs are becoming somewhat easier to deal with since the gluten and soy induced depression, anxiety, and panic attacks have decreased (unless I get glutened or soyed accidentally).

God Bless

  1. Do they have a sourdough crust? And if so is that the crust you are eating?
  2. YOU'RE why the Dodos went extinct! I knew it!!!!
  3. Hamburger steak (grassfed local beef), a handful of sugar snap peas, and fresh, cold, straight from the cow milk. *drool* (we need a emoticon for drool!)
  4. Well since OCD is considered part of the anxiety spectrum disorders, it would make sense that it would/could be intensified or even produced by exposure to gluten. I have some OCD issues, and they have been steadily improving over the last two years. However my panic attacks and anxiety issues are...
  5. Hi Skylark. I came up positive from Enterolab on the TTG. My wife came up negative on gliadin and TtG but positive on casein, which also showed up on another IgG/IgE food sensitivey panel from another source.
  6. I had multiple inexplicable intestinal pains for years. The right side one was a sharp, stabbing pain that would come out of nowhere and double me over. The left one would be a duller pain that would wax and wane. Not long before my diagnosis both pains were pretty much present all the time. I was...
  7. Have you considered Candida and/or a bacterial/yeast issue that is preventing you from handling any grains or carbs at all right now?
  8. Did you get tested for Casein ? I'm not lactose intolerant either, but I AM Casein intolerant. Dairy (Casein) produces violent GI issues for me. Once I went off the Casein and all refined sugars my GI issues cleared up completely.
  9. I trust no fryers after a couple incidents involving a 'dedicated' fryer. In fact now unless I know it is a place that is specifically celiac or gluten-free aware and trained I don't generally eat out. Which is frustrating.
  10. My RLS improved, but didn't go completely away until I cut out all refined grains, starches, and sugars.
  11. Hi Leah, I have suffered as much (if not more) mental, CNS, and neurological symptoms as GI. Panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, muscle twitching (Fasciculations), myoclonus (large muscle spasms), peripheral neuropathy (tingling and numbness in the extremities). My panic attacks, anxiety...
  12. Yes, I have had similar issues. I have been gluten-free/CF/SF since April of this year (2009) and found some of this same thing happening to me. It has been somewhat scary. I think that some of it is related to the neurological component of celiac disease is being found to be far more common than...
  13. Start taking a look at the amount of soy in everything. It is in chocolate, many brands of nut milks, soups, broths, tea, syrups, etc, etc, etc,. It is in almost as many things as gluten. The one positive thing is that since it is one of the top 8 allergens, the FDA requires it to be clearly labelled...
  14. Does he have a soy intolerance or allergy? A lot of tea's have soy lecithin added as a dispersing agent.
  15. Hi Sleepie, I developed severe muscle twitching and myoclonus, and it is indeed related to gluten for me as well as soy. I have been strictly gluten-free since April 2009, and soy and casein free since May 2009. I have a number of neuromuscular and CNS issues triggered by both gluten and soy...