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  1. Korwyn

    Banning Gluten Fromthe House!?

    OK. It goes something like this: Don't bring food over or I'll kill you! No, seriously, I have a couple variations...
  2. Korwyn

    Banning Gluten Fromthe House!?

    The only gluten we allow in the house is in beer, and it must be opened and consumed outside the kitchen area. This created...
  3. No don't! I don't want to have to ask one of the mods to change the topic title to include [NSFW]!
  4. Korwyn

    Heart Palpitations

    The very first symptoms I ever had were heart related and onset of chronic rhinitis quite literally at the same time...
  5. Whoops. That's true. Dear, OP (Original Poster) aka dani, PAMA (Please Accept My Apologies)! I did not mean...
  6. Also you'll occasionally see (mostly from me I think! ) SF = Soy Free CF = Casein Free DF = Dairy Free IANAL ...
  7. Korwyn

    New And Feeling Ick!

    Two people I know have found they can't eat the Snickers Minis, but seem to be able to eat regular Snickers. Entirely...
  8. Do they have a sourdough crust? And if so is that the crust you are eating?
  9. Korwyn


    Along with the other questions above, also consider that lipsticks and lip balms are NOT gluten free. I can't kiss my...
  10. We like coconut milk. I think it has a creamier texture than the nut milks. I discovered raw (unpasteurized) earlier...
  11. Oh yes. Panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, anger. One of the big things now when I get glutened is I get...
  12. Not my stomach. I was having intestinal spasms though. I wasn't swallowing I was breathing it in. I would wake up from...
  13. I have a huge cross-presentation of some of my neuro symptoms (insomnia, panic attacks/anxiety, tachycardia, hot-flashes...
  14. Not necessarily. Here is a link to one article. According to some other things I've read scattered around, low HCL can...