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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I'd say the SF Bay area and New York are the two places I've had the easiest time being gluten free.
  3. I have the same thing, chronic sinusitis and tonsilitus, catch every cold, etc. I got allergy testing done, and it turns out I'm highly allergic to dust mites, cockroaches and juniper pollen. My colds and sinusitis were being caused by my nose being constantly inflamed, the same with my throat and...
  4. Also keep in mind that artificial sweeteners can cause issues for people with GI problems. I know that they give me terrible stomach cramps and D.
  5. There was an article in I believe the NY Times? a couple months ago ( I can't find the link, but its somewhere on this board) where they tested out these so-called "good manufacturing practices" which do have an FDA standard in regard to allergens because some children had gotten allergic reactions...
  6. Corn is heavily subsidized by the government here, which is why most of our products in the US are made from corn based syrups and starches.
  7. Mentos originate in the netherlands. It is much more likely to find wheat based glucose syrup in candies made in Europe and the UK than in the US. Mentos have never been gluten free, and the company does state that. I would not worry about random sources of glucose syrup with US based companies,...
  8. I donate blood all the time (as often as they'll let me). Celiac is definitely not a problem there.
  9. This topic keeps popping up I also want to add, that I live on the west coast, and grew up in the Pacific. I am a total sushi snob. I do not eat "cheap" sushi, so all of my assumptions are made based on higher-end restaurants that are on a coast or an island. I totally agree with the above posts...
  10. I get that with certain foods that I have oral allergies to. Burning tingling. I get it with Kiwis, mangos and cherries. Its a freaky feeling.
  11. I have never had a problem with the seaweed salad, but I ask everywhere I go, since that is not something that is super specific on exactly how it should be made, everyone does it differently. Ok, the Teppanyaki rice has chicken broth. That makes sense. The sushi rice is sushi rice with rice vinegar...
  12. Sushi Snob is going speak up now. If they are using chicken stock, or anything other than rice vinegar (plain, no flavors) then its not sushi. Sushi rice made with chicken stock is absurd. I have had restaurant get confused and say "you can't have this, it has vinegar", then they show me the vinegar...
  13. Whiskey is made from rye. Vodka is usually made from Wheat. I have wheat allergy in addition to celiac and I have a reaction to grain alcohols made from wheat. The soy vodka's I haven't liked as much. The potato and corn ones are good, I haven't ponied up for the grape versions yet. Elonwy
  14. Uncle Ben's - Per customer representative in June, 2005, the following UNCLE BEN'S Brand Products are gluten free (free from wheat, rye, oats, and barley): * Uncle Bens Original Converted Brand Rice * Uncle Bens Instant Rice * Uncle Bens Whole Grain Brown Rice * Uncle Bens Instant...
  15. This can also be a form of Excema (spel?) I have a friend that gets this, and its a skin condition. Her knuckles and fingers split all the time. Elonwy