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  1. Thanks for the replies, I ordered the compete test package from enterolab L
  2. I have had a blood test and a biopsy which both came back negative for celiac disease. How every the gasto doctor said that I am gluten intolerant and that if i were to stay on gluten i may have celiac disease. Is it possible to be diagnosed with celiac disease if both tests come back negative? has anyone here been in the same position as me? I will also be tested by enterolab, so well see what my results will be. Is it possible to have a negative biopsy and blood test but positive result for celiac disease with enterolab? thnx L
  3. Do paper towel contain gluten? shouldw e not use them? L
  4. Today i have virtually no appetite for food, I feel queezy..i have been gluten-free for about 3 weeks. I have tried to be really careful, but think i may have been glutened??? does anyone feel this way...is this normal? L
  5. My poops are irregular really inconsistent in terms of when i go, constipation, D, runny stools, rock like, pencil thin stools, clumpy, they all are really uncomfortable, not in the least releaving...is this normal for people with celiac disease? After i go, i feel really sick and uncomfortable in my lowel bowel/stomach too. L
  6. This morning I dont feel as good. O well. Last night was a yucky night. I had the worst worst acid/indigestion i have had in a loooooong time before bed. I also got more significant sores on the roof of my mouth and this morning i have small white bumps on my tongue. I had tea last night "yogi tea", they cant guarntee the whole gluten thing, tho they siad that they are gluten-free. They mention cross contamination or something. Had an really urgent BM this morning, feeling gassy right now, kinda suckky.Woke up kinda hungry too, then the hunger went away and i was left with a yuck in stomach. wat gives??? I have that gotta poop sensation right now. Lemonade
  7. My feet get tingly and fall asleep rather quickly when i am sitting. At night, when lying down i get the "pins and needles" sensation and my feet feel numb and "asleep"...does anyone else get this? L
  8. I have recently been experiencing bloating and gas after drinking tea. Could there be a very tiny microscopic amount of gluten in tea that causes this??? lemonade
  9. Another Day

    Today I woke up and felt kinda tired, but not too bad. I was tired cause i couldnt fall asleep, i was restless. Considering that i only got 6 hrs mabey and my overactive bladder kept me up once agian, i wasnt as exhausted as i would have thought. I even hiked through the snow storm this morning to work and didnt feel too tired when i got there. My stomach was bad this morning. Really constipated this morning, it was brutally painfully. Stomach bloated and gassy and sore. Not a pleasant BM, hard stone like, uncomfortable, felt sick, ate what i could but found i was really in alot of distress, prior to my BM. I dont believe i was glutened though, or mabey iam still recovering from the chicken soup fiasco. Hopefully, i will feel better each day. Still having fatigue after eating and pressure headaches and body aches. Stomach doesnt feel as bad after eating today which is good. Lemonade
  10. My symptoms overall continue to improve gluten-free. However, after eating I feel more tired than before eating and i get a headache and my eyes and head feel heavy and my body feels tired and achey. Does anyone else experience this? WHy do i feel like this? Lemonade
  11. I like to put soy or rice milk in mine with some stevia, mango and almond butter or tahini.... nut/seed butters are great thickeners and flavour enhancers! Yogurt ( either real or soy is great too!) add some cinnamon or nutmeg on top! Vanilla extract also is a nice touch or grated ginger or lemon zest..mmmm Honey and maple syrup is yummy in shakes!!! Lemonade
  12. A Turning Point

    Today is day 18 gluten-free. An d today i feel is the turning point day. Despite the fact that i didnt sleep well due to my f^cking over active bladder, i had more energy than yesterday. My stomach symptoms were as followed: not as much indigestion/acid, gut twisting aches after eating (pretty intense), gas, pain in lower stomach and lower chest area, quesy feeling. However over all my symptoms were marginally less. I had some pressure headaches today, not as bad tho. Right now my stomach is so so. I have a pressure head ache though, not too too bad, but still there. I ate more today, i tried to incorportate more carbohydrates today, and i feel i succeed. I have taken a liking to rice cakes and since they are made with whole grain rice and millet, it makes them a complex carbohydrate that is easy on my tummy. I also had some pappadums which are Lentil Flour Rice Flour Salt Vegetable Oil, AND GLUTEN FREE!!! My throat hurts today becasue of biopsy yesterday. I discovered that ricolas are gluten-free. As for BM, still uncomfortable, yet less runny. All in all a better day.
  13. i have to make a real cake, not gluten free for a birthday party. Should i be conserned with inhaling the flour and gluten filled ingredients? Should i wear a mask? L
  14. Thanks for your reply, and No, you are not just talking to your self, i hear you and appreciate ur support. Thankyou all for your replies L
  15. How long did it take you to get your energy back and for the deadly fatigue to go away!!??? How long did it take you to see even slight improvements on a gluten-free diet? How long did it take you to be able to go back to your previous activities that you were involved in prior to being sick? Is just over two weeks too short of time to really see improvements? Lemonade
  16. I have only been gluten free for about 16 days. Before being GLuten free i would have awful nausea ( no vomiting), indigestion, hearburn, lots of bloating ( like i was pregnant with a elephant), gas, stomach pains, horribel fatigue, muscle aches, constipation, runny stools...SInce being off gluten i have seen some improvement. the symptoms are less severe. My mainn symptoms right now are fatigue, indigestion and constipation and runny stools and the sensation that i have to poop but nothing is going to come out. I guess that it is still too early to expect a complete miracle and feel 100%. Although i know i am intolerant to gluten, i had a endoscopy today and iam waiting for the results. I am also getting tested by Enterolab.
  17. IS there a difference between Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance? Lemonade
  18. A New Day

    Today I had an edoscopy for celiac. I am waiting for the results which should be in by tuesday. Yesterday night I had some chicken soup that my mom accidentally added instant powder broth to that contained a small portion of wheat products. About 1 hr after i ate i was really bloated and had gassy pains and discomfort. This morning I had a semi-diarrhea poop and followed by and uncomfortabl wormlike pencil thin poop. Usually i dont poo two days in a row but i did and they were both uncomfortable and disgusting. Which leads me to believe that i was "glutened" by the soup and even though the amount of gluten in the soup was about 1/8 of a teaspoon in about 10 cups of soup, it effected me. Which proves i am atleast gluten intolerant. The endoscopy today was unpleasant and i still feel drugged. My stomach is sore and my throat hurts too. It feels like i have to poop but nothing is going to come out. I have decided just to move on and try to cope with what i have and get on with my life the best i can regardless of symptoms. Today my energy seems better, which is a good sign. Had some bad acid reflux/indigestion tonite after chicken soup, i think animal fats stimulate that. My system feels really aggravated from today. I have that bothersome sensation of "i gotta poop". Im gassy now too. I think that i am still suffereing from that itty bit of gluten last night. I hope tommorow is a better day.
  19. Are there any brands of Rice cakes that are for sure gluten-free??? What brands do u eat? L
  20. Does anyone here not ever have diarrhea as one of their symptoms of celiac disease? I have runny stools but not diarrhea. I have constipation for sure but no D. Does anyone have these symptoms? Is D a main symptom of celiac disease? L
  21. Hey, tommorow i will be having a biopsy aswell. I have had blood tests done for Celiac, and they didnt show naything abnormal. Althouhg, i have all the typical symptoms of Celiac disease,and every ailment in my life can some how be linked to Celiac. I am nervous about tommorow. If the results come back negative i will too be frusterated because I dont know what else all this disstress i am in can be caused by. Lemonade
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