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Another Day



Today I woke up and felt kinda tired, but not too bad. I was tired cause i couldnt fall asleep, i was restless. Considering that i only got 6 hrs mabey and my overactive bladder kept me up once agian, i wasnt as exhausted as i would have thought. I even hiked through the snow storm this morning to work and didnt feel too tired when i got there. My stomach was bad this morning. Really constipated this morning, it was brutally painfully. Stomach bloated and gassy and sore. Not a pleasant BM, hard stone like, uncomfortable, felt sick, ate what i could but found i was really in alot of distress, prior to my BM. I dont believe i was glutened though, or mabey iam still recovering from the chicken soup fiasco. Hopefully, i will feel better each day. Still having fatigue after eating and pressure headaches and body aches. Stomach doesnt feel as bad after eating today which is good.




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