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  1. I'm not sure, but I have been getting bumps lately too! I think it might just be the heat not letting my skin "cool down" from that initial irritation? But maybe not.
  2. Yep, I got a nice solid panic attack when my brother invited me to have dinner with him on his birthday at a Japanese hibachi restaurant. They have gluten free soy sauce, but it's a shared Grill. That ended up being okay, and he actually sanitized my corner of the grill, and I watched him do it,...
  3. Eat healthy fats! Nuts Seeds Nut butter Coconut Avacados Salmon / tuna Red meats Cheese
  4. Hi! Im 23 and feel similarly! I tried to get tested for celiac, but the doctors that I had access to did not know how to diagnose it or test it correctly, so I am unable to officially test myself for celiac, but honestly I believe it's possible that I have it. Maybe I'm like you, and I'm just...
  5. I'm not sure if our pain is the same, but there was a time last summer during which I would be in pain any time I ate anything. I've been eating gluten-free for 5 years, So I know it wasn't that. honestly I thought I might have a stomach ulcer, so I went on Google to try and see what I could do to...
  6. I say that's proof enough that gluten or at least wheat hurts your body, and that you shouldn't eat it anymore. If you want, you can do what I did when I first thought I might be gluten intolerant or Celiac, go another 3 weeks without eating any of it, being really careful, and then try a piece of...
  7. I get similar sores. My scalp is also a mess, and it doesn't help that I pick at it... I don't really have an answer for you because my testing wasn't super conclusive either, but I can definitely relate to those pictures. I get tiny ones on my hands a lot.
  8. I am the same. Im 23 and have been gluten free for 5 years, but only 2 months ago i found out it's celiac and not just an intolerance. Since I've been more careful I do feel better, but I get even more anxious now. When my brother texted the family about his birthday dinner at a Hibachi (Japanese...
  9. I have a hamster and I kiss his back sometimes and hold him a lot, I just never touch my face til I wash my hands after I handle him. Hamsters are very clean animals, mine does a dust bath every day, sometimes twice. Mine isn't where I sleep but I play with him almost every day, and i'm okay!
  10. I'm kind of in your boat, avoiding gluten makes me feel way better, but idk if I want to get tested. I probably won't because I will not be able to function if I do a gluten challenge. I will just train myself to have the willpower to eat like a celiac.
  11. I don't have much as far as advice, but I want you to know I'm in a similar situation. Although I don't have the means to visit many specialists right now, my (what I truly believe is) celiac causes psoriasis on my scalp and hands. I've been gluten intolerant for 4 years, but I think I've developed...
  12. Wow, thank you so much!! This helps a lot. Good community here, glad I found it.
  13. Thank you -- I will first try to be 100% gluten free. I've been trying to learn what that means in my free time, but if anyone has a good resource of everything to avoid that would be helpful. Yesterday I opted not to have a gluten-free crust pizza at a restaurant because they don't use separate...
  14. What's got me thinking I might still have to worry about celiac, even though I've been gluten-free for 4 years: https://scdlifestyle.com/2015/11/the-celiac-disease-diet-why-gluten-free-isnt-working-and-what-to-do-instead/