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  1. I have a hamster and I kiss his back sometimes and hold him a lot, I just never touch my face til I wash my hands after I handle him. Hamsters are very clean animals, mine does a dust bath every day, sometimes twice. Mine isn't where I sleep but I play with him almost every day, and i'm okay!
  2. Bree J

    To test or not

    I'm kind of in your boat, avoiding gluten makes me feel way better, but idk if I want to get tested. I probably won't because I will not be able to function if I do a gluten challenge. I will just train myself to have the willpower to eat like a celiac.
  3. I don't have much as far as advice, but I want you to know I'm in a similar situation. Although I don't have the means to visit many specialists right now, my (what I truly believe is) celiac causes psoriasis on my scalp and hands. I've been gluten intolerant for 4 years, but I think I've developed celiac, seeing as I am having new symptoms even while opting out of gluten. I think I'm still getting cross contaminants. I also have joint paint, like bad growing pains almost. Not much of a help, but I can relate, so at least you're not alone!
  4. Wow, thank you so much!! This helps a lot. Good community here, glad I found it.
  5. Thank you so much!! I'm going to start today.
  6. Thank you -- I will first try to be 100% gluten free. I've been trying to learn what that means in my free time, but if anyone has a good resource of everything to avoid that would be helpful. Yesterday I opted not to have a gluten-free crust pizza at a restaurant because they don't use separate ovens or certified gluten-free toppings, so I'm starting out good I think, haha. Thanks for the help. Just feeling pretty stupid lately, probably because there are so many symtoms of celiac but not everyone gets all of them, so my brain is telling me "you have, you don't have it" on repeat. I should stop browsing the internet and maybe get a book written by a medical professional.
  7. What's got me thinking I might still have to worry about celiac, even though I've been gluten-free for 4 years:
  8. The test I took said less than 20 U/mL is normal. I had 8. Which I know is less than 20 by far. But all my other levels were less than 1. Maybe I'm just psyching myself out looking for an answer anywhere. I guess what I'm wanting to know is if a blood test is completely useless without gluten in the body, or if any sort of elevation can be interpreted as something? I'm just kinda mad that no one told me it only really works when you have been eating gluten. I know (from more research) that a biopsy of your small intestine can let you know, too, but that's so expensive, and without a positive blood test I don't think a doctor would refer me.
  9. I've been eating gluten free for 4 years. I took a blood test without knowing I needed to be eating gluten (doctor didn't have any clue.), so naturally it was negative (pretty high ttgIga levels though, for a no gluten diet). If I eat even seasoning with flour in it or a tortilla chip fried in cross-contaminated oil, I'm sick for 2 days. So is my dad, his brother, and 2 of his neices. None of us have been tested for celiac, we just stopped eating gluten and it helped. I am wondering if I should be as careful as someone with celiac, or if I should only focus on avoid foods that hurt my stomach? I know celiac is an autoimmune disorder and I don't want bad things to be happening inside me without me actually feeling pain from it. If I don't want to do a gluten challenge for a blood test (i would be so sick...have to be out of work...malnourished) I SOL for knowing if I might have celiac? I've done a lot of online research and I do have many other reported side effects: acne, joint pain, headaches, bloating, rash (does not blister, though. Maybe because I'm not eating gluten in big amounts?), sometimes feeling like I have a stomach ulcer, etc. These are all light symptoms usually after I eat at restaurants and get "no bun" or whatever else, but still eat the french fries. Some are all the time, though, like acne and headaches. Im a very healthy person btw (even though i eat french fries ) I know I probably sound stupid, not wanting to do what I can to get tested, but I just want to check and see if my story can get anyone to say "nope def not celiac" or not. Also: I sometimes drink beers without wheat, usually have barley, (Fat Tire, Corona) and my stomach does not hurt. However, it bloats a little. When I have Mike's (gluten-removed) my stomach hurts.
  10. Just want to throw this in there-- many provolone cheeses are made "with smoke flavor" (should say it on the front). Smoke flavor is not usually gluten free! So if you like provolone get plain, or "organic" and make sure the ingredients don't say smoke flavor.
  11. I can't speak on all of your points, but YES, the longer you go without gluten, the more sensitive you become to it. When I first started cutting out wheat, I could usually handle a bite of a breadstick at dinner. Now it hits me like a truck and my insides are ruined for days! I don't get stomach cramps from sharing a toaster with my family, but I'm trying to be more careful about that now because of I do have Celiac (my blood test was just "negative" too), it could be hurting my body in other ways that I can't necessarily feel right away. Also, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease have almost identical side effects. It's just that celiac can do more long-term, behind the scenes damage. Both suck though! And should be approached with the same amount of caution, in my opinion. I tell waiters it's celiac so they're careful (seems to be only word that will make them actually care).
  12. Mpug, Yes, about 4 or 5 yrs ago I went through minor trauma and was then intolerant to gluten. This happened to my father, his brother, and 2 of my paternal cousins. You don't have to have trauma for your gluten intolerance to become "un-dormant" btw. Every time I ate it i would get horrible cramps that made me not be able to move. Nothing gave me relief at all. Constipation followed for days. So because of my family history I tried giving up gluten and was able to eat again. Now, if I eat gluten because I can't stand not to taste the office donuts (this was 3 years ago, i know better now), one bite sends me into hell again. More recently, I ate fajitas with seasoning that must have had flour in it and the cramps and C came again. I also have had pain in my joints (like bad growing pains, but I'm a female in my late 20s), weird raised rashes on my knuckles/hands, and anxiety. I don't think celiac caused my anxiety but they sure don't mix well, lol. I got a blood test a few weeks ago without ANY gluten in my system (which is stupid i know, but no one told me!) And my IGA-TTG was fairly high for someone who didn't have gluten in them. Like I said before, your body is attacking something it can't handle/wants out based on those levels, and those levels are specifically tested for celiac. *shrug* If your daughter is gluten free, she could've gotten the gene from you, and yours is just now being active! As for your husband-- my partner was apprehensive as well. I think taking him with you will help him realize, and help ease your mind! I just showed my partner my blood tests and the research I've done online and he believed me, for lack of a better word. But yeah it sounds like he needs a doctor to tell him how much a splurge on regular wheat noodles for example could really hurt you.
  13. I can sort of relate, when I'm not properly nourished (I'm very sensitive to that-- have to have the correct amount of protein and veggies/fruit with any sugar or dairy just to feel good), heat bothers me a LOT. Makes my anxiety bad too (i hate being hot). I've been gluten free for 4 years (when my intolerance showed up) and ever since then go crazy when I'm too hot. Weird that someone else feels this way. I've never ever thought about checking if I'm anemic. My sores/cuts do take forever to heal..
  14. Those lab results are higher than mine were and I still believe I have celiac, but I do not have the means to get a biopsy. Just as another person who's felt yucky and done a blood test to see why, I think you should avoid gluten. It may not be the auto-immune disease celiac, but it could be non celiac gluten intolerance, which mimics celiac very closely, it's just not a full body auto-immune reaction. I'm NO doctor, but from personal extensive research I've done, your antibody levels seem to show that your body is attacking something and does not like it.
  15. That sounds horrible! You poor thing! I'm very surprised the test came back negative. However, celiac tests are not 100% accurate and can still come back negative even if you have it! I too had to deal with doctors who either didn't seem to care, or had no idea what they were doing (when it came to celiac) and didn't want me to know that. I agree with the first reply, make yourself eat gluten free for at least 2 weeks. Even if it's just burgers with no bun, gluten free pasta, etc (if avoiding cross contamination is hard right now), see if cutting out bread and things at least gives you a LITTLE relief. Keep a food journal and before you eat again, write down how you're feeling (full body). My symptoms were never as many as yours but I could tell a difference within one week. No cheating though! It's not likea weightloss diet where one candy bar won't ruin it--- one piece of bread WILL ruin it and make you start all over. Good luck! If you feel you need a true diagnosis, keep getting second opinions. If it's important to you, IT MATTERS!