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  1. I am glad to know you are feeling better today. Thanks for the tip on the grapefruit seed extract, I am going slow on it. It is wonderful to feel better and to know that I am healing after such a long time of doubt.
  2. I thought about what I said in regards to being strict in the beginning and wanted to say more. For the first two months of the diet I ate cheese and yogurt made with cow's milk, it did not agree with me but I stubbornly kept eating it thinking, well the diet says I can have it.... Finally I realized that I would have to give it up and did, and then it took me a few weeks to get up the nerve to try the goat yogurt as I was sure I was going to have the same response. It didn't, in fact once I started including the goat yogurt I began to see small positive changes. I was still having a lot of pain though and wondering if that would ever change, at those points I just remembered that the SCD was/is a kind of last resort for me. I have been in pain for five and some years now, two of those years were spent largely horizontal because the pain was so intense that that position was the only one that took it from and 8 on a scale of 10 to a 6. This week the pain has dropped to a 1 or 2 and sometimes for a little while there is no pain at all and this in the midst of having my C returning. My conclusion is that we have to find our own way through this diet and we can do that by learning to listen to and respect our bodies.
  3. Hi. I suggest a very simple diet in the beginning, I can't help you with the additive lists as I avoid all processed foods. Sorry. As for your upset stomach perhaps some peppermint tea to help settle it, many people find the first little while difficult in a variety of ways. It is overwhelming at first but it will get easier and you will feel better. There is lots of information and support on this site, welcome.
  4. Please, if you haven't looked into the risks of Paxil, please look into them. I have known two people who went through a terrible withdrawal trying to get off it. There are other medications that are not so dangerous.
  5. Thank you so much for your posts, it so helpful to have the perspective of someone who has been on the diet longer. I appreciated knowing that my hunch that the C returning was a positive sign of the diet working. I found that I increased my protein intake when I was first ill, it just seemed that was what my body wanted but recently I am finding it too heavy in my system and have cut back a lot. I think it is important to trust what your body is craving assuming those cravings aren't for things you know will damage you. The board. Good point about the fanatical although I think that to know if it will work for you it may be important for the first couple of months to adhere to it strictly, once you have decided it is going to work for you then of course you can play with it. I agree, it is not a religion and shouldn't be made into one, that is one reason I appreciate CROHNSBOY who does take liberties with it and is doing great.
  6. I have found cabbage juice helpful, when I was most ill I bought a case of cabbage and juiced it everymorning until I could no longer drink cabbage juice. I don't think it is a quick fix though, I think of it more as a support for wellness.
  7. Hi. Perhaps you have healed enough that it won't be an issue for you, I had problems with gluten for many years but when I hadn't had any for a long time I could handle a bit, if I kept eating it though it did become a problem again. I hope this passess quickly for you.
  8. I was in severe pain for a long time after going gluten free and dairy free, I finally realized that the simplest diet worked best for me and I cut out all grains and processed foods, I also added probiotics to my diet. The reality may be that having been sick for ten years it may take quite a while for her to heal. Once our digestive systems collapses we seem suseptible to other issues like ulcers, parasites, and other problems. Have they checked to see if she has ulcers? The suggestions regarding vitamins was helpful. I have also used castor oil packs for dealing with the pain and sometimes I have used ice packs. Pure peppermint or spearmint tea is good for a sore stomach too. Finely grated beets with lemon juice and flax oil is helpful for the digestion, I have used it regularly with good success. I hope she is feeling better soon.
  9. I found the article on Medscape but didn't register, is there a link available other than registering for yet another site? As to one or two sentences, it was a little longer than that but truly do some research on research and you will find many studies that are clearly without any concern for the participants.
  10. I have problems with all grains but since I started the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) I no longer miss them. I do my baking with almond flour. I have seen studies that suggest some do not heal on only a gluten free diet but perhaps this is just a stage and you will be able to reintroduce them later on.
  11. rinne

    I Failed My First Test

    Sorry you are suffering. It is difficult in the beginning, I suspect it was the meat but who knows it could have been something else. In the beginning it is often most helpful to stay with the simplest of foods. I always tell people that I will bring food and please not to make anything for me because I am such a pain. I hope you are feeling better soon.
  12. My point would be that the damage observed in the biopsy is a symptom. Do you think parents wouldn't be concerned about the fact that there was already damage present? I do agree with you though it is possible that parents would agree, after all, we are well trained to trust doctors.
  13. Jan I think Elaine Gottschall said it was necessary to be fanatical with the SCD but I think we all just have to do the best we can. I fudge on the coffee, I just refuse to drink weak coffee and last week I took a Tylenol because I burned myself really badly and that pain on top on the digestive pain was too much. The Tylenol helped and I didn't seem to have any negative consequences for having taken it. Worrying does no good, it changes only the stress levels and that is bad. Thanks for the encouragement pele, it does help to know there is the possibility of a pain free life. In the end I was too lazy to go downtown to find the caprylic acid and olive leaf extract, next week-end, but I did find some grapefruit seed extract and have been taking it, I seem to be having a positive response to it although it has only been three days so it is early to say.
  14. Hi. Gluten free pasta is definitely a processed product, as far as unprocessed you could add fish, nuts and whole grains like rice, buckwheat, amaranth, etc. to your list. My understanding is that processed is anything that has been taken from its' raw/basic state and changed I eat unprocessed foods except for goat milk yogurt which I make myself.
  15. Biopsy proven would indicate damage to me, is damage not a symptom? I would be interested in knowing the parameters of this study, did the parents of all the children know? I am just imagining the researcher talking to the parents of the children without "symptoms". As in..... We would like your child to participate in a study, we have found that she/he has celiac disease, we know this because we saw damage to their small intestine, now the ususal treatment would be for your child to refrain from eating all gluten products because if we see damage now then they will continue to be damaged but since they don't seem to have any of the usual problems that children with celiac have we would like to try an experiment and have them continue to eat gluten to see what other problems may arise. Wouldn't the parents have to be thinking..... Gee, this is great, my child has a disease that may cause all sorts of problems but since none of them have to do with tummy aches or D or C then sure let's experiment. :o As a parent I can't imagine allowing my child to participate in such a study. "Research." If you look into iodine you will find that researchers have run all sorts of studies, one village in China had many children born with cretinism because they removed all iodine from the village diet. This all takes place under some sort of scientific umbrella which apparently removes the need for human feeling, intelligence and compassion.