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What Does This Mean?

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I had my visit with the gastro. dr today..They scheduled an endoscopy for April 23rd.


My physician told me to go gluten free almost two weeks ago.I did..and I feel awesome! The bloated, diarrhea,fogginess are gone..


Then the gastro dr says..you need to start eating gluten again for 5 more weeks.I knew it was coming after reading,reading and more reading. But,I just hate to since I feel so much better.

So,Looking at the blood test..What does that mean? Help...anything...Thanks!!!






I sort of feel lost..


Gliadin IgA 40.8 <20 U/mL Reference Range:
<20 Negative
20-25 Equivocal
>25 Positive


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Welcome to the board.  :)


Your gastro is correct, if you want to do further celiac testing you need to resume eating gluten.  I guess the main question is if you feel the need to have further testing. Some people feel most comfortable having the blood tests and a biopsy (so doctors can get a baseline of damage and look for other problems) while others feel the bloodwork is enough.


Did you have a full celiac panel run? The usual tests are:

total serum IgA

ttg IgA and ttg IgG



AGA IgA and AGA IgG (older tests that are not as specific)


Do you know which gliadin test was run? The newer Deaminated Gliadin Peptide antibodies (DGP) test is much a more specific and sensitive celiac test than the older Anti-Gliadin Antibodies (AGA).  If your positive is a DGP IgA, then it is fairly certain that you have celiac (as I understand it) but if it is the older AGA IgA test, I would be less certain and more likely to pursue further testing (blood or biopsy).



If you haven't had all the blood tests, I would strongly consider consuming gluten again for a week or so, so you could complete the blood tests. Below is more info on the blood tests:



Having the biopsy is a personal choice (usually). I am one of those who skipped the biopsy after having a positive ttg IgA and EMA IgA; I had a lot of symptoms for many years so the blood work was enough for me to switch to gluten-free eating.


Best wishes with the gluten-free diet or with the testing.  :)

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As Nicole said, you need to let us know which test it is. The anti-gliadin test does not differentiate between autoimmune and non-autoimmune gluten intolerance (Celiac, vs. NCGI). Although both can cause the same symptoms NCGI as we know it does not cause other complications or issues if gluten is ingested while Celiac can trigger other autoimmune or even cancer if not managed by a gluten free diet. In that case a biopsy would be necessary in order to evaluate which issue you have for the peace of mind.

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