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Ds's Behavior Issues Are Starting Again

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I'm not really sure if it's related to gluten/food allergies. I"m going to call and have him tested for celiac(he was tested once before and it was negative)and food allergies.  Is there anything else I should have tested?


His behavior problems are: meltdowns, not listening, shouting out in class etc....now he might not get to go to a regular second grade class like we were told~right now he's in special ed only because of his behavior.  We did take him to see a psychologist(or maybe it was a pyschiatrist) for a few months and that did help a little, we started getting notes how ds's behavior had improved but now he's sliding back into how he was acting before so what could be causing a regression if he's been eating the same foods that he ate when his behavior improved? Any ideas??


I did try eliminating food dyes and saw no difference.


thanks for your help, I"m really disappointed that he might not get to go to a regular classroom in the fall. :'(

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