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Hello! I am a 31 year old who just discovered gluten may be my issue. For several years now I have had many issues. Mainly i have hives (especially bad on my hands and soles of my feet), hair loss, fatigue, foggy brain, hard time losing weight, and mood swings. Every doctor I have spoken with says its nothing (nine montys ago tye dr said its bc i smoke so i quit smoking). I finally (after bursting into tears after my dr said i should just take the allergy meds and we didnt need to find out what is causing my issues) am going to be able to go to an allergist/immunologist. Should i continue to eat gluten (rather add it back in)? Any advice?

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Hello tk7934,  

the allergist I saw did a skin pricking test which included a food panel which is useful to know.

It will detect if you have a wheat allergy but it won't detect if you have Celiac.


SInce your doctor doesn't believe in finding out the cause

you could ask the allergist to give you a blood test requisition for a 

Celiac blood test panel.


This is the one I did.


Total Iga


The information I found on The Canadian Celiac Association web site
is that they recommend eating 4 slices of wheat bread for 3 months prior to a test.

You can find that information on this web page: http://www.celiac.ca/index.php/frequently-asked-questions/

Good luck with the test.

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