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New To gluten-free, Question Please Help

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Hi, I am new to going gluten-free, I have not yet been diagnosed as having celiac disease, nor do I know for sure if I have an intolerance. I have an appt with my family dr in a few weeks and am going to see a natural path this week.


Here's my history: since I was a baby I have dealt with excema, milk and dairy intolerance. As I got into my teens I have had bowel issues, constantly going to the washroom, scared to eat, etc.  As I got older the washroom trips have become more frequent 6-7 times a day, always diahrea. I also have been getting boils under my arms and on my legs, no dr prescribed creams or antibitotics have cleared them up. I recently had a colonoscope done to test for crohns or colitis, and 2 polyps where removed. I have not received my results yet. The Dr did say that he didn't see any visable signs of either. I am over weight, I need to loose atleast 75lbs to put me in the high end of a healthy BMI. I find when I am home I would eat eat eat, I knew there was a bathroom near so it didn't matter as long as I filled my stomach and I would eat anything.


So exactly 7 days ago, after my horrifying colonscope experience and fear of major bowel issues I researched many diet changes and came across gluten-free, celiac disease, all the sypmtoms screamed my name and I have been omitting any gluten and also processed foods. I feel fantastic, I have never felt better. My energy level has quadrupled and my mood is fantastic, ( I also am on anti depressents). I am no longer in the bathroom all day, only once or twice, my boils are clearing up, I had a patch of them and they are not looking inflamed. My excema has not changed yet, but hoping in time it will.


So my couple of questions are; I have been dropping pounds like crazy, in 7 days I have lost 6lbs, is this normal? Should I be monitoring my calorie intake, to be sure I am getting enough or is filling my belly with fruits and veggies and lean meats enough to not worry about that? Also when I go to speak to my Dr and request to have tests done what am I looking to ask her?


Thank you for reading, I look forward to responses!!



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If you want to be tested for celiac disease you must be eating gluten daily (ie. 2-4 slices of bread per day) in the weeks prior to testing. You should (unfortunately) resume eating gluten immediately.


i too lost a bunch of weight when I first went gluten-free too. I thought it was my inflammation going down.  If you are concerned, monitor your diet more closely and increase where needed.


The full celiac panel is:

  • tTG IgA and tTG IgG
  • EMA IgA
  • DGP IgA and DGP IgG
  • total serum igA
  • AGA IgA and AGA IgG (older tests thought by some to recognize non-celiac gluten intolerance (NCGI) too


Good luck!

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Hi NicoleMt,


Welcome to the forum! :)


Your excema may actually be a celiac disease symptom.  Search and read up on dermatitis herpetiformis, often called DH on this forum.  There is a section of the forum dedicated to it.  It is a skin rash that only people with celiac disease get.  They can take a biopsy sample of the skin next to a DH lesion to test it for antibodies.  If you have DH you have celiac disease.


Celiac disease affects the small intestine.  They test for by doing and endoscopy and taking biopsy samples.  They can also test by taking blood samples for antibody testing.  You do need to keep eating gluten until the testing is complete.  The antibodies will start dropping when you stop eating gluten and that makes it harder for the testing to work.


Helpful threads:

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