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Blood Result Question And A Does It Matter?

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My PA ran tests on me 5 years ago because I had requested it having GI symptoms and bloating pain. They called me then and told me it was negative and I just said ok. Well since my son just got diagnosed I wanted to see my actual test.


I realize just now when I got them it says Celiac Disease Comp Final, infant.


ttg antibody, IGA <3      *<5 neg


glaidin anti IGA 6          *<11 neg


IGA, serum 340              81-463 normal



Why would they do an infant test? Should I ask for a retest now since he has been diagnosed now?



I still have major symptoms. I went gluten free a few days ago when they diagnosed my son and put him on gluten-free diet. I am already feeling a tiny bit better as far as bloat goes.

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