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2 Nyc Options - Ruby Foo's And Chop't

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Thought I'd share two recent experiences, for those who live and visit Midtown Manhattan:


Ruby Foo's (somewhat fancy pan-Asian) had a decent Gluten Free menu.  Though only a few items on it (3 entrees, a couple of apps, and a couple of desserts - including crumb cake!)  They seemed to take it all very seriously.  Every dish I got came out with an little allergy sticker on it, and I think may have even been brought by a different waiter.  And it was very good!


Chop't - I think this is a small chain of chopped salads to order.  The manager has a binder with all the items and dressings on it, and the ingredients, When I told the first guy that I had a 'gluten allergy', he announced "allergy" down the line and they all changed their gloves and one server went in the back for clean utensils.   I will say that even with his fresh gloves, he still reached into the lettuce bin where every other 'non-allergy' glove had been before, but other than that, it seemed like a pretty clean and safe experience.

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