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Aaand think it's negative, but my primary said that it was positive. Here are the results:


Immunoglobulin IGA 279 (I can't find a range for this...but it is listed under 'abnormal'

IGG 2 




When I looked on the website for the interpretation it says: 


<20 units, negative

20-30 units, weak positive

>30 units moderate to strong positive


It looks like to me that everything is negative except the immunoglobulin IGA. Which could be elevated because of my chronic sinusitis. 


I got my colonoscopy results back, too. I had a number of polyps, one of which was pre-cancerous. He did not do any biopsies with the endoscope. However, he did find a hiatal hernia and inflammation, so I'm actively refluxing. 


I also had environmental allergy testing done which, ironically, came back almost entirely negative. I did have a couple of molds that where miniscule, but that's it. So now I've got the 'non allergic rhinitis' diagnosis. Which, honestly, I think is a load of you know what. The infections are probably from my uncontrolled GERD. 


I also saw my Rheumy this week. We talked about the chronic high white blood cell count and he seemed to think my last few massive infections were from the Arava. Thankfully, I stopped it after about a month. I'm still a little concerned about the WBC issue though. I've never seen it below 7 (normal range is 0-10) and it's normally closer to 9. 


Anyway, I rambled a bit there. That's where we are at now. The house is nearly gluten free, we just have some bread left so that I can eat a few slices a day (and it's how we dose our elderly dogs with their joint supplements). I still live with my Mom and thankfully she's on board for a gluten free home. I've been getting some stuff together for her so that she knows the proper procedures if she does decide to bring something into the house. 

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The iga is your total iga. To make sure you are not deficient, which your not.

 I had allergy skin prick testing done which came up negative, I was then referred to the top allergist in our area. He studied and consults at the Jewish asthma center in Colorodo which is the best but he now practices here where I live yippee. Anyway he did intradermal testing on me and I came up highly atopic to many allergens. It turns out my body doesn't make IGE just like it doesn't make IGA so my blood tests are usually negative. It takes a specialist or a competent dr to know this because my pcp was clueless. The specialist knew it was odd for me to be so reactive to allergens yet come up negative, I had multiple sinus infections yet my sinus structure is normal. I also have chronic allergic rhinitis.

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