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8 Months Since Diagnosis - How Am I Doing

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Hey guys,


Just got my blood tests back and comparing them to pre diagnosis test. Not too bad I think but Im still not feeling 100% :(


                                   16th Jan 2013                 26th Sep 2013                       Ref R

IgA                                  3.39                                 2.86                                  0.7-4.0

Endomysial Ab            Detected

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So your EMA IgA is negative now? That's a good thing! I can't see anything bad about those results. The IgA is probably just the total serum immunoglobulin A, which is a control test to make sure you are making enough IgA for accurate testing (1/20 celiacs don't) - and you do. :)  It's not actually a celiac test.


Did they re-run any other tests?


You are doing the gluten-free thing right!  Keep it up.  :)

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