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I feel there is a great opportunity in this Forum to help the newly diagnosed members cope with the new way of life that is gluten free.  They are following in our foot steps and our experiences and knowledge can be invaluable tools to them.  It also offers great benefit to us all to keep learning and finding ways to evolve our own diets to benefit our health.  I deeply enjoy the added benefit of meeting all kinds of new people with all kinds of personalities.  I am also a believer in putting in what you want back and I believe this Forum does that.  For those times that I may get a terse response I remind myself that I don't know the individuals motivation for the comment and I don't know what life experiences they are basing their comment on.  I'm sure I have made comments on the Forum that don't completely reflect the exact meaning of my thoughts.  This is a detractor of the "Internet" age.  I wrote a poem about "Words" a while back, it touched on this very subject.  If you look hard enough, you will find listening ears, as you have found with your daughter.  She sounds wonderful.



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I know what you mean Diane!! I feel kinda alone sometimes myself. Now with this Corn problem I am having it is even harder!! I get tired of hearing myself say, "What is in it?" Because if it is Gluten Free I bet there is corn in it! I told a friend of mine I was having a problem with corn , She said "Now this is getting out of hand" I am glad I can come here and learn!! If it wasn't for the info I find in here I'd be learning from who knows where!! Not from my Dr. I tell ya that!! He has not told me anything about Celiac. Of course he does know I am a internet junkie :) Lucky for me i found alot of "Good" info in here!!

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