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Trying To Heal An "ulcer" And Wondering About The Healing Process...

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   I am almost a month in to my first time going gluten-free. My father, who is now deceased, was diagnosed with celiac disease about ten years ago, and I know that puts me at more risk, but I didn't think it was something I was ready to do. Then I started having ulcer-like pain in the mid-summer, after a life with very few digestive issues. 


I tried natural remedies for a long while, had a negative blood test result for h.pylori, then worked with my doctor and some pharmaceuticals, but nothing worked. Because of our high deductible, and a general reluctance for such tests, I've been avoiding an endoscopy. About a month ago, after Nexium and Prilosec didn't work, I decided to go gluten-free after finding a handful of stories online about a gluten/ulcer connection.


I started on the 20th of October and also went dairy-free, with a few slip-ups on the dairy but none on gluten (tho' perhaps some cross-contamination? I am just now getting separate peanut butters and such for our kitchen). No quick, miraculous changes for me like there seem to be for some. But I do have less pain and more of a prickly discomfort in my stomach, which I wonder (hope!) might be the lining beginning to heal.


Would love to hear from anyone else who is dealing with an ulcer, or perhaps celiac or gluten sensitivity/intolerance presenting like an ulcer. I have a stack of books I am reading from the library and am really hoping this is the answer for me. I also have endometriosis (for more than 25 years) and have read of a connection between it and gluten. 


Of course, I was hoping to know by now if gluten is an issue for me, but I understand that I need to give it more time...so I will. For now, I will just be using diet to try to discover my relationship with gluten. In the future, if finances and/or insurance improve, I will wade through the options for the various tests. 


Just wanted to share my story and thank you all here for all that you share. It has been really helpful to read here and find little bits of information, ideas and understanding.

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HI smallmeadow!


As far as I know, ulcers can heal on their own (in the absence of h.pylori or other infection) but you should avoid

GI irritants like NSAIDS, citrus, alcohol etc, for awhile. 


I don't think you'd actually feel any prickling sensation due to healing, IMHO. If anything, you'd feel no discomfort at all.


If you were under a physician's care, I don't understand why he  didn't test you right away for celiac, since you had an immediate family member with C D.  (And, my sympathies on your Dad)


IMHO, a blood test was certainly warranted.

(the cynic in me says "because we symptom-treat in this country that's why") 


Hope you feel better soon, but if not, you may have to have your GI tract looked at. 

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I'm a newbie here but not new to gluten and other related issues. I get ulcers from time to time and for me, it means my body is acidic. If I were you, I'd research an alkaline and/or anti-inflammatory diet to help you get balanced. For me, it only takes eating a couple of acidic foods to throw me off. Some people drink baking soda in water, too. You can easily find online how to monitor your actual ph and do this.

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Hello again,

   Thank you for the thoughtful responses. I've actually been eating very carefully (acid-wise) for almost five months. gluten-free for five weeks now. My stomach was beginning to feel better about a week ago, then I had a small glass of red wine on the first anniversary of my mother's death and ate with a gluten-free friend but had salad with dressing for the first time and a small whiskey. That seemed to trigger pain, but not at the time, only the a day or so later. Confusing.


I am back to acid-free, gluten-free and will keep paying attention. I was hoping to see more of a difference after this long gluten-free, but I know it can vary for everyone. And I suppose that may not be my issue. I was surprised to read that a near relation (for me, my dad) doesn't raise your chances of having it as much as I thought....

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