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Got My Thyroid Test Among Others

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I don't know a lot about the other tests and how they relate to each other. Most look fine to me - but I'm not knowledgeable in those tests. I see your bilirubin is high. Did they suspect liver problems? Are they going to look into that one more? I know it can indicate liver problems but it can also be elevated for fairly harmless things too. 


Your TSH is in the normal range but by some people's standards (like mine) it could leave you feeling hypothyroid.  It's a real shame they did not test your free T3 or Free T4 - is there any way to get that done? Those are the active hormones in the body and they don't always line up to what the TSH predicts they should be. For example, my TSH is now well below the normal range but my free T's are at a good spot so I feel well. When my TSH was in the 2's, 3's or above, my TSH was considered to be normal yet my free T's were still at the bottom end of normal and I still felt as bad as I did when my TSH was very elevated.


If possible, get your free's tested.  I hate to admit this but when I was with my old doctor, who kept declaring I was normal and that my hypo symptoms were a coincidence because my TSH was within range, I actually wrote the labs onto my sheet. He had written T4 (meaning total T4) and I added a "free" in front and "free T3" too... It took me a while to find a better doctor so I had sneak and fight to get the treatment I wanted. Lo and behold I was correct... or I gave myself a really excellent placebo effect.  LOL ;)


I hope your liver tests are fine.

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Hey, yeah I'll see if I can. My mum has had liver problems in the past so maybe I should get it checked out. But I don't see why (if) my liver has anything to do with the symptoms I'm having ? I guess there's no harm in getting both tests down for my T4 and T3.


Thank you for your reply :) Guess it's all part of the journey finding out what it actually is.

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