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Some people use the Newbie 101 thread to explain cross contamination issues, and while I may have written that thread and I stand by all the info in it, notice I never wrote a single sentence proclaiming: you can't eat at someone's house. Because I do not believe that. I have dined successfully at people's homes and I am very sensitive to trace gluten. If you already live with WEs in your home, you are well aware of what landmines to avoid. If you are newly diagnosed and too scared to try this yet, then just bring your own food. More on this later...


But first: This is how you survive Thanksgiving at someone's house:


(1)My friend is making an unstuffed turkey in a silver foil pan I gave her ($2.50)with a new baster. ($1.29)

I insist on new basters because I was "glutened by baster" my first THX (long story about two turkeys--1 stuffed, 1 not and a sister who thought it was ok to baste them both with 1 baster)

and I have "issues" with those damn things.  :D

Anyway, no gluten involved in turkey. I still have NEVER seen a turkey with gluten in it, despite what some people have posted here in the past.

(2) She makes the roasted root veggies, but we slice and dice together while we chatter away drinking champagne.

We cut them on flexible cutting boards I bring her . they can be found in a variety of places, and they look like this:




(3) I make the gravy with some G F flour I bring using the pan drippings that have never been near any gluten..

(4) I bring G F stuffing made in a crockpot that everyone loves.  No gluten.


recipe here: http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2008/11/perfect-homemade-stuffing-crockpot.html


(5) We make a cheese, pate and veggie platter with Crunchmaster crackers for appetizers. No gluten.

(6) we have a shrimp cocktail platter. No gluten.

(7) she makes her family recipe of cranberry-orange relish. No gluten involved. I have watched her make it a dozen times.

(8) She makes a green bean casserole the day before Thanksgiving. I can't eat it and I do not care anyway. Never liked it. Even if it is passed around the table, it's not going to miraculously gluten me.


(9) I bring the desserts because I am the one who makes them the best   :lol:


Flourless chocolate cake with ganache


recipe here:




Pumpkin cheesecake with pecan/gingersnap crust


recipe here



(10) select a nice wine for dinner and one for dessert.


It just takes common sense, planning and it requires some assistance and understanding from the hostess.. But unless you are going to be cooking (which I normally do), you need to do a bit of advanced prep, but you can dine at someone's home and be perfectly fine. I have done it many times.


I am very sensitive to trace gluten, but I can assure you, I will not be dining outside or in another room. I eat at the table with everyone else. There's no reason celiacs can't enjoy dinner with friends and family. It just takes a few steps of precaution and an understanding hostess/host.. 


If you do not feel up to this task just yet, and that is understandable when you are newly diagnosed, then just bring your own dinner and go and enjoy your relatives. If they keep pestering you about why, just say this:



and leave it at that. All older relatives will get "MY DOCTOR SAID....."  ;) It's in their nature to find doctors' words "the law".


Don't spend your time defending, explaining or being upset. Later, you can email them all an explanation of celiac and what it takes to be truly gluten-free and they can read it and learn about it and maybe talk with you about it..


Don't avoid seeing family members --they love you and you love them!-- and you can use their loving support right now.


Cheers, IH xx

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Thank you IrishHeart!!  Love all the tips! This is my 1st Thanksgiving! Can use all the tips! Thanks :D  

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