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At Home Celiac Test

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Has anyone used the at home celiac test for their child and then if positive, gotten a positive diagnosis from a DR? Just curious as to the validity of the test being a strong indicator...


Thanks to an unusual situation living in a different country....doing things backwards

--positive at home test for daughter

--positive gene test

--hoping for celiac panel blood test next week...

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I used a Biocard test which is the tTG IgA test, and the control line is the total serum IgA test. I had a weak positive result, ate gluten heavily for two more weeks and then had very positive doctor ordered tTG IgA and EMA IgA tests. I think the Biocard test is generally fairly accurate; most people I know of who have used it had accurate results.


I do know of one woman who had a faint positive but when she went to the doctor it was negative. She accepted the negative result and about a month later learned she had Lyme disease. She's the only person I know of who apparently had a false positive.


Good luck with the tests. Try to get the full celiac panel:

tTG IgA and tTG IgG (most common test)

DGP IgA and DGP IgG (considered to be a superior test for children)

EMA IgA  (positive in more advanced celiac disease cases)

total serum IgA (a control test)

AGA IgA and AGA IgG  (older and less reliable tests not often used anymore)


Make sure your daughter continues to eat gluten until her testing is done. And if possible, try to get copies of your daughter's results so you can double check your doctor's interpretation of the results.


If you did the biocard test, and end up with negative doctor ordered tests, consider colitis, crohns, thyroiditis, liver disease, diabetes and infection - all can cause a false positive tTG IgA in about 5% of cases.


Best wishes.

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