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Is It Safe To Drink Green Tea?

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Hi pricklypear1971,

     I will look into the decaf tea.

I still have a lot of nausea. This morning I had 1/4 cup of an organic green tea and it did help.

I will be very moderate with it. Mornings are my worst time so that's when I will carefully take it.

I agree with your issues. They are the big ones.

  I have been able to add more foods this week so I am pleased with that and have gained another pound.I'm now up to 116.

That is a relief.

I seem to be tolerating nuts and nutbutter fine. So far.

So good so good with the kefir. The kefir is helping with the acid reflux plus  so that is a benefit.

Hope you are doing well.



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Cynthia.....if you have not been tested for adrenal issues, then there is no reason to avoid caffeine unless you notice that it bothers you. Not to mention there is not much caffeine in tea to begin with, compared to brewed coffee.  No one should ever take supplements for adrenal or thyroid issues unless you have been tested for and found to have a need for them.  You should be monitored with blood work when addressing these issues.


The nausea will go away.  I had severe morning nausea that made morning sickness look like a walk in the park and it went away after a fairly short time on the gluten-free diet....about a month. Hang in there and yes, tea does help with nausea.  Also, peppermint is good for nausea and some health food stores have supplements that contain peppermint.  There is peppermint tea but make sure it is gluten-free!  Peppermint Life savers even helped me, at times.

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