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Hi All-

I was wondering if there's any gluten free folks out there successfully taking Zyrtec over the counter tabs.  I am sensitive to CC.  I called and they gave the standard no gluten ingredients, but we have not tested that med.  They HAVE tested the zyrtec liquid gel caps and they are gluten-free.  Good news for those of you with open liquid gel caps!!


I'm just being very careful.  My body can't afford a glutening right now.  And.. of course I bought and opened the tabs and can't take them back  :huh:



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Thank you all!  Especially for the tip on the up and up product.  I love it when things are actually labeled gluten-free!!!  It hadn't even occurred to me to check the generic brand because I thought they would be even less likely to care.  What a bright spot in my day!

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