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My name is Michele and I am posting on behalf of my mom. I would love some input, if you all are willing to help. Here is her story:

Her whole like she has struggled with gastric issues - gas, bloating, flatulance, constipation, abdominal pain, etc. Around 2 years ago, she started having neuropathy issues. Since that time, it has progressed to peripheral neuropathy. She has lost a bit of weight, also. She still struggles from the gastric issues above. 


All of her tests point to vitamin deficiencies. She did have an ESR and a CRP come back normal. 

My question is, could this be celiac? Her doctor hasn't mentioned this once. In his defense, however, she has never mentioned her gastric issues to him. 

I question I am wondering could she have celiac, even if her ESR and CRP in are normal range?

Thanks so much!

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Celiac could definitely be a possibility.  A normal ESR and CRP do not exclude celiac, they are not the tests used to diagnose it.  Have a talk with your mother about the importance of mentioning all your symptoms to your doctor, even if they seem excessive or petty.  Once she mentions her GI issues to her doctor she will probably be sent to a gastroenterologist, GI doctor for short.  If not, she should request that, because you need a GI doctor to properly diagnose Celiac disease.  Let us know when she gets an appointment and we can get you a list of tests to request/make sure get done.  


If she is considering going on a gluten-free diet, make sure she does not do so until after testing is done, because you need to be eating gluten for them to be accurate.

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