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Negative Blood Panel While On Steroids

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I have been sick for a very long time.    Over 20 years.  I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and adrenal insufficiency for which I take thyroid meds and Prednisone.   I seem to not absorb nutrients well, as I struggle with low Vit. D, Vit. B, iron, etc... and have to liquid or powders or easily dissolvable pills for them to have any effect on me.  

I have heartburn often, and bloated stomach, which is sensitive to anyone or anything pressing on my stomach.   I look pregnant even though I am not.   I had lab work done last year for food allergies, and I am allergic to about 60 different food items. 

I had a Celiac Panel done in 2011, which was normal.   I wonder though if the results would have been accurate since I had already been on Prednisone for about 4 years by then?


Here are my results:

Transglutaminase IGA :  3.8 (<20)

                             IGA : 187 (68-378)

                 Gliadin IGA :  1.6 (<20)

                 Gliadin IGG : 16.0 U/ml (<20)

         Reticulin AB IGA : Neg.  (Neg.)

Reticulin AB Addl Testing :  Report N/A


I have a long list of symptoms over the years, just to name a few, migraines, foggy head, memory and balance issues, My pupils will sometimes be different sizes.  

I am going to have a colonscopy soon, due to blood in stool.   I would like to request biopsies for Celiac's also.   What do I ask for?



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Looks like the steroids would be an issue.  Are you eating a regular gluten diet?  and not taking steroids?  Also, a colonoscopy is not used to diagnose Celiac disease.  You need an endoscopy (the top half of the intestines) for that.  They are easy to do at the same time.  You could re-test your blood if you have been off the steroids and eating gluten.







Would taking steroids cause the blood tests to be inaccurate?

Yes, but only if you have been taking steroids for a prolonged period of time.

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I have been on full replacement steroids for about 7 -8 years.   I have secondary adrenal insufficiency, so my body does not make enough ACTH to tell my adrenal glands to make Cortisol.   I cannot go off the steroids.  I could go into shock and die.   So, whatever tests that I have done would have to be ON the steroids.   So, what choices do I have?


Nora_N - Is it possible to link that post for me?   So, even the biopsy was negative because of the steroids??   And, what do you mean by he/she was close to death???  I am new to learning about Celiac's Disease, can it kill you?   I would imagine that IF I do have Celiac's, then I have probably been dealing with it for a very looooooong time.    I have had two ASYRA / body scan type tests done.   One about 7 years ago, one just last month.   Both showed that my digestive system was all the way in the red (the worst reading you can get), and that I have a lot of inflammation in my whole body.   

I have tried Gluten Free diets.  But, I have never done it 100%.  For a few months, I was avoiding all breads and grains, but I didn't go so far as to read salad dressing, and condiment ingredients, so I was still getting some gluten in my diet, I am sure.

The last few months have been very stressful, due to having several extreme family emergencies, and I have been eating anything and everything.  


I don't understand why an Endoscopy would have to be done to get a biopsy?   Doesn't Celiac's affect the Intestines, not the Esophagus?   I had an Endoscopy done about 10 years ago, due to severe heartburn, and pain.  I wasn't sedated enough, and I "woke Up" feeling like I was choking and tried to pull the tube out of my throat, before they sedated me more.   I had nightmares of that for months.   I really don't want to have another Endoscopy.


I would really like to have an actual diagnosis though.   Going completely Gluten Free is such a difficult and expensive commitment, I worry that I didn't know for sure that I had Celiac's that I wouldn't stick to the diet like I should.

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You have to do the endoscopy to get a sample of the small intestine. I don't think they have figured out any other way to do it.

Yes, Celiac disease can kill you. If you can't absorb any food and vitamins, you will die.

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