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Robots And Science And Stuff

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ping Kareng.  :)  So, do you build robots?  Is there a word for people who build robots?  


Who all watched and loved Cosmos last night??  


I figured I'd bring this convo over here instead of going so OT over in the pre-diagnosis forum.  :)



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My oldest daughter was completely set to be a chemical engineer. Then last year, her senior year in high school, while also doing some college courses she was on a robotics team. Apparently it was enough to change her life, because she's changed her major. She's going to be a mechanical engineer now. It must run in the family, because that's what my dad is. And my brother is just plain mechanically inclined and plays with machines all day for a living without having the education behind him.


Anyway, I think that's the whole point of FIRST. To change lives. I'm glad she was inspired in such a way and I hope that lots more kids are!

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