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My 13 year old son was recently diagnosed (through blood work and endoscopy results) with celiac disease- November 2013. 

He had first 3 month follow-up and had a BOATLOAD of blood work done- 9 vials!!!  Eek!  (Thankfully, he doesn't mind giving blood). 

Mostly everything is looking good. So much so that his TTG was almost 150 originally and now 31!  His Endomysial Antibody was positive and now it's negative!  We've been VERY strict with going gluten-free and not cheating AT ALL!  So, I'm glad that the results are what they are so far. 

That being said...some of his blood work came back abnormal and before I get freaked out...I wanted to see if any other diagnosed celiacs have had abnormal results like below:

Gamma Glutamyl Tranferase- L at 12 (typical is 14-17 U/L)

Bilirubin Uncojugated- H at 2.0 (typical is .2-1.0 mg/dL)

Potassium- L at 3.7 (typical is 3.8-5.4 mmol/L)

Creatinine- H at .6 (typical is .2-.5 mg/dL)

Total Biliburbin- H at 2.3 (typical is .6-1.4 mg/dL)

Nucleated RBC- H at .2 (typical is .0-.0)


While I know a majority of these things are only a little high or a little low...I just don't know whether I should follow-up on any of these results or if these may be a bit "off" b/c of the celiac disease.  If I making something out of nothing, feel free to tell me :-)


Any suggestions or advise would be most appreciated!  Thank you!!!

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I am hoping that since this post is a week old you have discussed this with your doctor already.  The bilirubin results being elevated would indicate problems with the liver, something to definitely get checked out by a doctor. The potassium result would have been considered normal in the lab that I worked at, normals vary from lab to lab based on their instrumentation, so I wouldn't be too worried about that.  I would talk to your doctor about your concerns and maybe have retests done? Lab techs do make mistakes, and a typically healthy 13 year old ( celiac aside) shouldn't have elevated liver enzymes.  Hope that helps and doesn't freak you out.  Something as simple as gallstones or pancreatitis can cause elevated liver enzymes (not stating that these aren't serious medical conditions, but some think the worst to begin with).

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