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To Endoscopy Or Not To Endoscopy?

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Hi everyone!


I did my second TTG-IgA test in 12 months, and it was overwhelmingly negative. Thyroid levels are going ok too, maybe a bit on the higher side but I am wary of increasing my dose due to an overmedication episode last year (when I was overmedicated, my FT4 was at 19 so am way too sensitive to even a slightly higher FT4 level). So the TTG-IgA came back negative, and my doctor told me it is an exceptionally sensitive blood test so I probably do not have celiac. A link to my results: http://imgur.com/hqkeLXM


The TTG-IgA cost around $60 (but I ended up only having to pay $12 thanks to school insurance) but I am not sure if ordering other celiac tests would be worth it. Canadians: Is it possible to order the other tests without ordering the TTG-IgA again? Is it worth pushing for an endoscopy? I doubt it would provide any answers. I have had tarry black stool, so the doctor told me to do another stool test (that's about 4 in a year which is always fun to collect haha) but an August colonoscopy only revealed mild inflammation at the terminal ileum.


I feel horrible but I've come to accept this IBS/SIBO/Hashi's existence at the moment. Joint pain, crippling anxiety, chronic diarrhea has been the name of the game for at least a year. I have given up wheat for a few weeks but I always come back to it, and even when I'm not eating wheat, I don't give too much thought to cross-contamination. I just feel so upset about all of this. The answers are not very simple, I'm afraid.

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