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Help Appreciated With Symptoms Please

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Afternoon from the UK!

I would really appreciate your comments on my symptoms. I have been suffering from nocturnal dhiarohea for a long time but since Feb this year it is almost taking over my life.


My Dr has diagnosed me with anxiety and panic attacks along with IBS however, I keep advising her that I believe there is something more underlying as I have a fantastic life, husband, friends, family, job etc and cant see why I would be having these attacks. I can apprecaite however this is often said by people who do suffer anxiety depression and had accepted I was one of them.

Since Feb, I wake up around 2am with 'feeling funny'. I cant fully explain it but my bowels / stomach feel gurgly and I feel faint and shaky. This then results in me having to run to the bathroom and for a time I just sit there waiting on it coming and whilst I wait I generally feel sweaty, shaky, palpitations etc until finally I empty my bowels. I am occassionally sick too but this is not like the type of sick you would be with a virus etc, its mainly like bile or white foam.

I have been taking ranitidine for reflux and also put alot of my stomach upsets down to this.

I had a beautiful day on Sunday as my niece was baptised and I was the godmother. A small family affair where I was relaxed and had a lovely day. I had alot of pasta and bread as we dined in an Italians afterwards. I woke around 12am with the feelings mentioned above and thought, this surely cant be a panic attack again I've been so relaxed etc yet, there I was feeling dizzy, shaky, palpitations etc. Its almsot like my body twitches and shivers, my hands go numb and tingly also. I basically spent over 4 hours in the bathroom emptying my bowels until I couldnt go anymore! I never got to bed til after 5am and had to take another day off work yesterday as a result!

I couldnt eat all day yesterday as my stomach ached. I feel as if I had been punched in the gut, under my ribs ached and almost felt like there was a ball of air in my chest.

The feeling is still there today. Ive ate a bananna for brekkie and just had salad for lunch yet the pains in my stomach and sides are there. Bearable, but niggly and annoying.

I feel foggy, slightly dizzy and have a heaviness on my chest thats similar to how I feel when I suffered from anxiety attacks two years ago. (This is why I assumed the same was happening.)


I have googled and searched for reasons as to why Im waking up at night with D and this is the most plausible explanation and reading others symptoms, I am ticking off many! 

My dr did my blood works and I was almost deplete of b12. However, I am a vegetarian and this was to be expected as I am not good at supplementing my diet with vitamins and protein. I'm also sure that the recent bloods she done she had tested for coeliac and this came back negative as I did have this thought in my head in the past.


I feel like I am clutching at straws for an explanation but I am kinda desperate! I'm going to my dr tomoz and going to show her some of the screen shots Ive taken of peoples experiences which match mine and ask her to test me for this. Any advice on how to do this would be welcome.

Thank you for reading and I appreciate your comments.

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Hi Kelscot30 and Welcome!


Your symptoms sound very much how I feel when I get glutened.  Only my intestinal tract doesn't wait until the middle of the night to send everything packing... as quickly as possible... if you know what I mean.  But the sweaty, dizzy, light-headed, chills, ucky feeling... Yep!  Right there with ya!

Be insistent with the doctor.  Many doctors just don't get it.  As far as I'm concerned, "IBS" is simply a general non-diagnosis for unidentified intestinal issues.  They don't know the cause, so they label it IBS, tell you to take a pill and relax and send you on your way.  Idiots.  Be sure they give you the full blood panel of tests.  Be insistent.  Be pushy.  Be whatever you have to be to get the message through.  This is your health - don't let a doctor who may or may not know anything about Celiac push you around and keep you from getting to the bottom of your issues.  Your body is telling you that something is wrong.  Listen to it.


If any of the tests come back positive, they will most likely want to do a biopsy.  Always a good idea, as this can confirm the diagnosis and they can also check around for other possible issues.


If the tests come back negative, try a completely gluten free diet for 2 - 3 months.  100% gluten free.  And see how you feel.  If your symptoms improve and start going away, then you know you have an issue with gluten and you likely have non-Celiac gluten intolerance.  Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to test for NCGI other than going gluten free, feeling better, reintroducing gluten, having your symptoms come back, going gluten free again, and having your symptoms go away again.


If removing gluten does not alleviate your symptoms then keep pushing with your doctor for a better answer than "you're emotional".


Good luck!

Diagnosed at age 42.

Positive Bloodtest: Oct 1, 2013

Gluten-free since: Oct 2, 2013

Celiac confirmed by Biopsy: Oct 29, 2013

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