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So I had the biopsy last week and they said they also biopsied my esophagus and stomach because they looked inflamed.  The dr said afterwards that I had scalloping of the duodenum so to definately stop eating gluten.  I didn't get to speak with the Dr. himself just his nurse and she couldn't answer my questions.  I guess I'm trying to see if its possible to figure out from the results if I have had this my whole life or just since I had my daughter 2.5 years ago......??


Diffuse villous abnormalities, consistent with celiac disease.

Mild chronic superficial gastritis, no H. pylori.

Esophageal changes consistent with reflux (GERD) negative for Barretts intestinal metaplasia. (YEAH!!!)


There is flattening of villi with crypt hyperplasia and chronic inflammation.  Intraepithelial lymphocytes are increased.  This pattern is most consistent with celiac sprue. 



In total they took 12 biopses..


I guess i'm wondering with the words "diffuse" and "chronic" if its possible to tell how bad the flattening of the villi was and maybe if this was a multiple years or just 2.5 years.....


Gluten free for 1 week today!!!

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Welcome to the club Michelle!

There really is no way to determine how long you have had active Celiac Disease.

Many of us wonder along similar lines and I can tell you as your time gluten-free increases you may find minor health issues or symptoms improve that you never considered might have been caused by Celiac Disease.

Congratulations on your first week gluten-free. The learning curve can be tough, but it gets much easier with time :)

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Not sure if they can tell how long you have had it.  I know my symptoms all started with my second pregnancy.  Any stress on the body can trigger celiac and pregnancy is certainly a stress.  Coincidently, it is my second son that also has celiac.  


Don't forget that all your first degree relatives need to be tested as well - even if they don't have any symptoms.


Glad you are on the road to recovery.  Enjoy your good health.

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