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Gluten Sensitivity Study Floating Around The News

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Hi All, 


I've been seeing this floating around the news:





Supposedly the scientists that discovered it have "debunked" non-celiac gluten sensitivity and the article is getting reblogged all over the internet.This horrifies me! I have celiac disease, but I feel like this kind of news will contribute to further negativity and discrimination against the gluten free community in general (as if there isn't enough already.) It can't just be the nocebo effect, right? I have to think that additional details are being excluded.


Too many people really do feel better after changing their diet (even if they don't have a positive biopsy.) My great-aunt is a nurse and she said she's seen a lot of patients have improve from the diet.  


Thoughts anyone?.

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We have had this posted here several times in the last few days. You might want to look at those discussions.

The fact is NCGS is just a blanket term. There are many causes of NCGS - a couple articles we have had on here recently include un- dxed Celiacs and FODMAP sensitive ( wheat is a big FODMAP food). Another issues being looked at is that it might be another part of the wheat that people are reacting to.

It's a bit like " Stuffy nose syndrome".- you could call all instances of a stuffy nose that, but there are many reasons for the stuffy nose - allergies, cold viruses, flu, etc.

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