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Gluten Free Toothpaste

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I have been having some significant issues with mouth burning.  Originally thought to be a yeast infection has not cleared with the appropriate treatments.  New doctor now thinks it's not a yeast infection.  I am starting to think that perhaps I should change my toothpaste. 


Are manufacturers required to label gluten that occurs in toothpaste in the same way as food labels?  I have checked my toothpaste and nothing stands out as containing gluten however I was sure if they were required to label it.  Do you all have a recommended toothpaste that you know is gluten free?


I am also thinking that I would want one that is non-whitening.  I have heard that whitening toothpastes can contain chemicals that may produce some sensitivitiy. 


Doctor is also looking at Vitamin deficiencies, i.e. Vit B12 specifically as that can cause mouth/tongue burning. 


Just wondered what you all had to recommend about toothpaste however. 



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I have never seen a toothpaste with gluten.  But my son finds that sulphites make his mouth burn.  He uses a brand named Jason's.  I think there are otheres - maybe Tom's?

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