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  1. deb445

    I need support from those who know

    EasyerLily, I'm so sorry to hear about your difficult days! Your stomach is going to go through tremendous healing...
  2. I thought of MSM as a supplement, and Magnesium. It helped my son with the pins and needles and aching legs.
  3. deb445

    Gluten Free Toothpaste

    We use Green Beaver toothpaste. We also will periodically use bentonite clay paste. Good luck
  4. deb445

    Bloating - Help? :(

    Oh yeah. The corn bloat. I sure don't miss it! I also find that MSM helps reduce inflammation. Best, D
  5. My little guy (now grade 2) has had a rough go of it at school too. Glutened at least once a month. September alone had...
  6. deb445

    Pissed Off

    Sorry to hear your pain. In my experience, eliminating grain and eating wild game and grass fed animals has been...
  7. deb445

    My Son Needs Help.....

    Hi Brenda, Welcome - there are so many stories shared on this forum that shed light on our own circumstances and...
  8. deb445

    I Really Need Help :-(

    It's been a while since you posted - I do hope the pain has subsided. I wonder - my son gets a sharp pain too, when...
  9. deb445

    This Happen To Anyone Else?

    Oh, you are not alone. I find that there is sometimes even an uncomfortable tension - these poor well meaning friends...
  10. deb445

    Suggestions For Speeding Recovery

    MSM is Methyl Sulfonyl Methane ~ it's a naturally ocurring sulphur compound, found in greens. It's supposed to be good...
  11. deb445

    Suggestions For Speeding Recovery

    Just last week Son got glutened accidentally (...again) and while I usually reach for the colloidal silver and marshmallow...
  12. deb445

    Puffy Face And Cornstarch

    I used to think that I was "fine" with corn....but I have since cut it out (along with other grains, along the way) and...
  13. deb445

    Bad Constipation Help

    If you're still looking for ideas to sift through, a combination of both Malva and Marshmallow root tea has been effective...
  14. My family (most of us) are "super" grain sensitive, and we use toothepaste made by the Green Beaver Company - we love...
  15. Interesting...my oldest son responds to gluten with a fever (amongst other symptoms). It's been suggested by his Naturalpath...