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urban dweller and builder of geodesic chicken domes/coops, dreaming of keeping backyard chickens.

  1. EasyerLily, I'm so sorry to hear about your difficult days! Your stomach is going to go through tremendous healing, as are you. Please remember to be kind to yourself I wondered if you have considered probiotics to assist with the healing? I found kombucha & kefir to be great. Your...
  2. I thought of MSM as a supplement, and Magnesium. It helped my son with the pins and needles and aching legs.
  3. My family (most of us) are "super" grain sensitive, and we use toothepaste made by the Green Beaver Company - we love the green apple flavour, which is also good for people who practise classical homeopathy. I also "oil pull" with coconut oil.
  4. My oldest son is *mostly vegan and grain-free. He is 5 years old, and never liked or consumed meat, even as a baby. Refused eggs. And reacted to dairy. I would sneak eggs into my baking, and used local organic honey for sweeteners. Finally, after years of frustration, I decided I would support him...
  5. Interesting thoughts. I wonder....I think there are as many (or more people) in denial about parasites, than people with celiac, or gluten intolerance. I've wondered if there isn't a connection between the two also. But, I've also wondered if celiac makes you more predisposed to parasite infection...
  6. This may be a little alternative, but... I too, used to have this feeling. But I haven't had this sensation since I did a "cleanse" with Paragone for intestinal parasites.
  7. There is a need for more research on chemcial composition of eggs. e.g. vitamin E / gluten derived . Feed comprised of wheat & barley?