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Gluten Challenge- Necessary Evil

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On week 3 of my gluten challenge. I hate it. Pre challenge I had severe diarrhea, like didn't work for 2 months cause I was so sick and couldn't eat anything. But I was eating a wheat free diet with cheat days.

Now during the gluten challenge, I'm constipated....kind of. Some days I don't go at all and other days I go small amounts several times a day. I feel full all the time, but necessarily bloated. My BM's are stinky, stinky (sorry) and sticky as well ( sorry again) ....using lots of tp. Sometime stool is golden colour.

My blood test was neg. but I'm trying to get a copy of the results to see what tests were done.

I've also developed severe insomnia, need to take OTC meds to sleep before 4 am. Last week I had a couple of migraines.

Do these symptoms sound familiar to others who have done a gluten challenge?

My rheumatologist wants to send me to their docs for a second opinion, so I'm working on getting that referral. So I think I'll have to continue eating gluten until I see the second doc:(

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I didn't do a gluten challenge, but it sounds familiar (alternating between rabbit pellets and logs, migraines and fatigue but can't sleep... yuck).


I don't have much advice except to hang in there. Drink lots of water. Caffeine can sometimes help with migraines - in the morning only.  And taking melatonin at bedtime can help you fall asleep better.


Best wishes.

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