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Gluten Free Hair Dye

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talk about late...I walked into this thread and started with the last post


doh...I use whatever is on special at Target -- no problems to date -- and I might add I am not in need of dye nearly as often as prior to dx :D


you know, Ski...some women say they are "less gray" after Dx and I think that's fascinating. That their re-growth is slow is very interesting to me..

I wish I could say the same. I started going gray in my 30's, like my mother, my sister and every other female in my family.


Ah well, I enjoy my stylist Marshall's stories at the salon (his mom is a celiac--go figure) and my hair looks thicker when it is colored, (and many years

of being UNDxed left me with a pretty slim mane, )so

I will continue to be a "dy-er". 


Frankly, I think we should all be more concerned with the amount of chemicals in this crap than the remote possible "gluten" that may or may not be in it.


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I appreciate the info on hair dye as I obviously do have a "topical sensitivity".  I've been going to my stylist and using Aveeda hair dye and shampoos and like someone in the forum....I have scratched my head off!!!!  I cannot stand it....so itchy and is there until I stop using the wheat products.  So my stylist researched Aveeda and sure enough it does have wheat in the hair dye and in some of the shampoos....only Aveeda shampoo that doesn't have wheat is Brilliant(only the Brillant products do not contain wheat).  So back to Loreal for me.  It doesn't bother me.  (The only symptom I had was the horrible itching).

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I react to products used in my hair and skin but when I switched to gluten free ones I stopped getting sick . I don't know why but my best guess is that I have longer hair and it gets in my mouth, or if I work out sunscreen/moisturizer /makeup may run into my face?

That's just a guess! All I know is I get sick when personal care products aren't gluten free. I can tell you the story of how I figured it out cause to be honest, I didn't believe that I am as sensitive as I am for years .

Anyway I totally understand wanting gluten free hair dye. I usually use light mountain natural henna. I buy it from amazon. It's kinda messy though but it's worth not feeling sick!

I also used garnier a few weeks ago without any problems at all. I had bought it about a year ago and was scared to try. However I was really careful to keep my hair away from my mouth while rinsing so that's not a guarantee!

Hope you find something good in Dubai. I know this isn't the forum for it but I'm so curious about what it's like to live there!

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I would imagine that most people do not get hair dye in their mouths because it wouldn't be any potential gluten in it that would worry me.  Hydrogen peroxide is not something to

ever get in your mouth and the other chemicals, if ingested, might land you in the ER or placing a call to the poison center.  So, if people think they are being glutened by their hair dye without landing in the ER, I think the odds of a pole shift are much greater than being glutened from it.  If you are ingesting enough of a wheat filled hair dye to feel sick with celiac symptoms, it is more likely from the chemicals and I would stop doing that or go to the hospital.


The second issue is that any gluten component from a shampoo or hair dye might be from tocopherols. Here is some reading on that subject....http://www.glutenfreedietitian.com/newsletter/vitamin-e-from-wheat-germ-oil/.  Tricia Thompson is a very trusted source!

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